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There is a bigger threat than Trump?

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Let’s be honest, everyone in the world knows who the US president is. And the way events unfolded, it can be said that it was a sad turn of events. I am still in shock at the result of the polls. Yes, I am being opinionated right now, this is not a news story, this is an editorial piece and I am extremely shocked and saddened right now. I am not alone maybe as there are many more who feel the same way as I do, but unlike them I choose to ignore the situation for now.

I do know that America is a great influencer to the world and I hope the decisions taken by one man who must not be named here do not negatively change the world. I am talking about climate change, I am talking about greed to continue growing economy, I am talking about racism against minorities, and I am talking about other important stuff like that we all have to deal with during the next four years. This world that we live in has taken a step backwards, from the positive ideology of inclusion to a revised more strict exclusive only society. Let us just hope that a lot that was said during the election campaign will remain in footage archives and never really be converted into policy matters.

Now coming to the happy part, winter is here. Stockholm broke all sorts of records last week as it saw more snow than it has ever seen in 111 years. Yes, one hundred and eleven years and not such snow had been seen. It was funny to see parked cars in active streets in a way, left frozen because there is no way anyone could reach anywhere. Swedes know to make the best of a bad situation and they continued to go on about their merry business during all the turmoil. The November darkness has lessened too, the days feel brighter – cold but bright. Maybe a little sunshine over the weekend will get all the December blues out and life will be better – not perfect but anything bright beats the October sadness.

From Pakistan a happy story emerges in the form of a political party that managed to create history by getting the Supreme Court of the country to act against the current government. The opposition party has been trying long enough to get the Supreme Court take action against the corruption charges that were revealed in the Panama Leaks. However the country with its persistent turmoil managed to brush the corruption charges under the carpet. This time however, due to mass scale protests within the country, the Supreme Court finally took notice and the corruption inquiry has begun. How it proceeds and what direction it will take solely depends on the events that unfold during the next month. Anything can happen in a country where power and corruption rule but at least this is a start. A start of sorts for maybe something good to happen!

I have noticed often that it’s hard to collect happy news that would be relevant. Such a big world yet still difficult to pick small stories of hope and positive influence

Isn’t that kind of ironic – so many newspapers, so many news channels, and so many other news sources yet the happy or light news are always hard to find. The horrible ones stand out, the sports one stand out, but the happy redemption stories, the ones where human triumph is visible are so hard to find. The kind of world that we are building continues to make me sad and that’s why if you haven’t seen the documentary that Leonardo Dicaprio has made, you should go and watch it immediately. Climate change is a real threat and it’s staring straight at our face. Every day we come closer to it, every day the consequences continue to become dire and dire. If we don’t take action against them now, we may not have a country to fight for. At times we forget that, at times we think about our local borders only, about our little things that we value but forget the global picture. If the climate changes, all of us will be affected equally and every single one of us will suffer the horrible consequences!

There is no running away from it at the moment; there is no running away from it in the immediate future. We need to stand together and don’t let hate rule us. Even though Trump has won, yes, let’s name him now for everyone already knows that, the world is still ours and no one can take away from that. The ideology of hate and segregation may look an easy way out and may appeal to many in the masses, but in the long run and at the end of the day, we are all human beings which need each other.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

sourcephoto: infostormer

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