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  There are several items that can be recycled to make useful items. Pakistan being a developing country has taken this as an opportunity with both hands to create some useful and unique stuff that could be used in multiple ways. So here we will talk about a fishing equipment

Mother’s day is a day when every person presents tribute and honor to her mother and also show their love and the place of the mother in the heart as she is the one who not only take care of her child but also support her child and she has

Long, shiny and beautiful hair is most of the time correlated to women beauty and health and it also adds a style to your personality and also an important part of women identity. That’s why it is the depressing and traumatic situation for women mostly. Thinning of hair and hair

Top 5 Best Entrepreneur Opportunities Finding the next opportunity for the purpose of making it big in business is one of the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur. There are always lots of good opportunities coming down the road, but it is important for you to find out the best

International Articles 22-Canadian Tourist Must-DosSummer is in full swing, weather and all, and Canadians are bringing out the paintbrushes and signs to make sure that everyone and everything is ready for the already starting tourism season.  Tourism is a huge industry in Canada for several reasons, the most relevant one

Canada Day WeekendWhile the 4th of July always tends to take over in terms of publicity, July 1st is a big day for Canadians due to the fact that it is a day where the world watches on as Canadians show their pride.  There are all sorts of ways in

Tuesday, June 7th marked as the first day of Ramadan in most parts of Pakistan. And today June 10 was the fourth day of Ramadan or the fourth Roza (each day of fasting is called Roza in most Islamic countries). In Pakistan, the 2016 Ramadan was predicted to be one

Now that the initial chaos has slowed down about the physical fight that the Prime Minister got into with the members of the NDP party, there is quite a lot to be said about the fact that the political unrest got so tense and prominent that it caused a physical

His influence on the sport and our societyIf you think Schwarzenegger simply set new standards in bodybuilding but did nothing else but that, you are clearly wrong. Even though Schwarzenegger is still one of the (if not the most) aesthetic bodybuilder in history, he’s even more famous for his positive

Everyone loves a good read (or most of us do).  There are lots of books that people share back an forth amongst book clubs, but then there are lots of huge favourites that make the national list at the end of the year.  Each year, CBC hosts the “Canada Reads”