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“Fire in the Dormitory; Don’t Run!”“There is fire on the mountain; run, run, run, run!”That was a favourite song we used to sing in primary school.Fire they say is both good and bad. As a child, if you tried going near a live flame, whether it’s one burning on a

Bilva Sejati and Milva Manalu, two teachers from West Java, are two of 200 teachers from around the world who receive the scholarship program Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Honeywell Educators @ Space named Academy (HESA) – an experience "game changer" that commemorate the 10th anniversary of the inspirational teachers who, in

Every nation has their specific cultures and traditions that can be compelling or abstruse to the surrounding world. While some of them might be infamous; others are loved and renowned all around the globe. Just like that is the music of the mighty Brazil. Many tourists come to visit Brazil

All these incidents affected to the political and social stability of the country. With all problems they were able to hold the Presidential election on 25th of May 2014. But the elections were not held in all parts of Ukraine. Due to Crimean crisis, Ukraine lost control over Crimea, which was unilaterally

I love to write. Many persons think that writing is simple and easy, they imagine a writer sits down and just writes and then it produces a masterpiece or a failure. They misunderstand that whatever a writer pens is a look into their soul. Whether it is their deepest fear,

Being half Asian, I have many ties to countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. I have friends, relatives, cousins, colleagues or people that I have worked with in the past in these countries. Being born and raised in America, I notice a huge, tremendous difference in the lives of those

People have been captivated by the unknown and supernatural since even before the Dark Ages. So it should come to no surprise that there is an allure to the possibility of aliens touching down to earth or ghosts appearing or elusive cryptids coming out of hiding for the first time