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Our India is the country which is having the highest number of man power and it is considered to be both the plus and also the minus regarding the growth of India. All these manpower in India are doing some or the other job to maintain or run their life

Hello Every body, It is Jamaica Urban Legend here once again, to talk about the wonderful country of Belize, Land of the Free by the Carib Sea!! From barrier reefs to dense tropical rainforests, the country of Belize offers much to attract the average American.So while it wasn’t surprising to

Music is a cultural activity or art form whose medium is sound and silence. The most common parts of music are Pitch, Rhythm and Dynamics. Some of these most common elements are emphasized or de-emphasized by different styles or types. Music is performed with a variety of instruments and techniques

As the US election gathers speed, Canada has turned its eyes on our own political situation in preparation for how the world is going to change.  This has allowed us to see our politics from a distant point of view that has allowed for us to notice the faults in

A good health is the most essential thing which is needed for all the people in the world. Most of the people will not have the health concern and they will be following improper food and life style. As the result they will be facing many health issues in the

Hy! My name is Abdul Wali. I am a professional Article Writer, Web developer, Web Designer, and a great online teacher. I was born on 6 May 1988.I Love technology and all the things related to technology especially the 2 things that turn my passion into profession these things are

In this special world each and every individual is special to someone. What do we mean when we say special. This actually represents the exceptional features of this world which has produces some phenomenal personalities though they had to face a lot of difficulties to achieve the title of being

“Why I am Special”All writers see the world differently, even if they come from the same background.  This may sound like quite an overstatement, but its an honest one that really needs to be talked about.  Youve heard about the story in which two artists look at a piece of

Me – as a writer, as a personMy name is Lukas. There is nothing much I know about this name except that its root come from Christians in Italy. Without having any desire to brag, I would personally consider myself as a little bit different from the very beginning of