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STOCKHOLM: So, the Easter week is hereFor many in Sweden, despite not having deep interest in religion, Easter is still celebrated as a Christian holiday. The long weekend provides a glorious opportunity for families to sit together and consume enormous amounts of food.With a lot of bad news emerging from

The clocks are ticking, winter is passing and summer is finally going to be here. The Swedes have been waiting through the long dark days of winter in anticipation of the magnificent summer that will bring host of activities for them to enjoy.The fashionable music festivals that I am really

When we think about fashion, we cannot forget Paris because fashion plays major role in Paris. ‘Paris fashion week 2015’ was a special week not only for the French people, but also for all who visited there. In fashion, there’s always a tension between fantasy and reality, art and commerce.

Latvian Defence Minister, Raimonds Vējonis, said that Russia “is trying to encourage unrest using specially trained, professional provocateurs”. He claims that Russia is trying to destabilize the entire Baltic Sea region in which there are former Soviet republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.The British Defence Minister Michael Fallon said Russia

One of the most powerful storms ever in the Pacific devastated the island country of Vanuatu. The United Nations are preparing a major operation to help, and Australia said it is ready to offer its neighbors every kind of help, HRT reports.Storm accompanied by wind gusts with speeds of up