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A number of incredibly rich Silicon Valley billionaires have been preparing for an end of the world scenario have been moving to New Zealand, considered to be the safest country in the world. Billionaire Peter Thiel, for example, has bought a lakeside property near Wanaka in New Zealand for £4.5

On hearing the news of Murdoch’s open offer, investors were so enthused by the deal that the shares of Time Warner jumped by as much16.4 percent, rising to $82.70, its highest price for over 13 years. Excited investors were only too eager for the deal to be consummated, buying into

The drop in oil prices and decline in value of the ruble could stand the Russian budget 331 billion rubles (six billion dollars) in 2015, reported Russian media on Tuesday, which is the message of leaders of the Russian Audit Chamber, and also prompted the World Bank to lower forecasts

Is the United Kingdom on the verge of another ? The recession of 2008 was hard enough, but already, there are signs of another economic crisis in the UK, especially in smaller cities such as Newcastle. Newcastle is one of the cities in the country that is witnessing social unrest