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Divorce: It is a permanent separation of men and women by the court. Totally resolving of marriage due to social, personal or marital problems. Example man is involved with other women, harsh in-laws e.t.c. Short term effects and long term effects of divorce on children: Short term effects: If the

Iraq has gained importance in the world for quite some time now. Iraq os known as fertile in Arabic language has been surrounded with Arab countries has either been engaged in self-inflicted war of they are being ruled by foreigners against the native people will. Iraq’s situation was not heaven

Editorial Staff: A few years ago, a general idea of a common Europe enticed the nations residing within Europe. It seemed like a brilliant idea from the outset – many different nations living under the same flag and striving for mutual benefit for every single one of them. There was

JAMAICA:Greetings, everyone, this is Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on the little island of Jamaica. There is a low risk that the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympics will accelerate the spread of the Zika virus around the globe, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.The Zika virus is

This week began with the warning by the United States and the United Kingdom of a high threat of attacks against foreigners in shopping malls in South Africa, two days after a similar advisory was issued by the United States embassy in Pretoria.The warning identified supermarkets, shopping areas and malls

STOCKHOLM – STAFF NEWS: Meheret Dawit is a 54 year old teacher teaching for about 30 years in different schools in Sweden. Native to Africa, Meheret has gone on a long journey before finally calling Sweden her home. Meheret says that she sees how the girls appointed to sexual harassment

You think Europe already did the job? You think that no more refugees are going to come? If you think that, I have to dissapoint you. The refugee crisis is surely not over. But how is it going to develop? Is there hope at the end of the tunnel, that

Historically, people in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria are known to be the custodians of the nation’s crude oil. Their land is blessed with black gold. However, exploitation of the natural resource has not altogether been a blessing to the people in that region. Feeling marginalized, where it appears

With all of the drama going on in the House of Commons this past week, people are looking to get back to the initial issue that sparked all of the hysterics.  That was, in fact, the Assisted Dying bill that is looking to be defined and outlined in Canada.  Its

House refers to the place where a person gets shelter, food and safety so old houses refers as the place where old people are left by their children to get food, safety and shelter. As this concept was only in America, but now you can observe that even in Pakistan,