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The storm that was named hurricane Ana, opposed a great danger to the state of Hawaii for several days as it wreaked havoc nearby. The hurricane was a powerful pacific storm and had the state and the nearby islands in a situation of total fret. There were security warnings issued

Greetings to the World!! Jamaica Urban Legend here, once more and again!! Now we all have dreams and aspirations don’t we? Don’t we all have that one goal that keeps us working day and night? It’s a lot of work indeed, but in the end its worth it. In my

Spains conservative government dropped its plans to restrict the right to abortion, after months of protests of political opposition groups for womens rights. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he made ​​that choice because the government on this issue could not reach a consensus. On September 23, 2014, the Minister

Liberia and Nigeria seem to have one thing in common at the moment: the fear of infection from Ebola. Perhaps the fear is greater in Liberia than it is in Nigeria. In Nigeria, from Lagos to Port Harcourt and then in Kaduna, the virus has struck. While containment of the

The Ice Bucket Challenge, as we all know it, it spreading across the USA faster than a virus. For those of who don’t know it, a charity that does research on ALS disease started this challenge. They challenged celebrities out there to dump on themselves a bucket full of cold

Every day we get to see something new in this ever growing world, there is a new discovery every day, a new incident, birth, death and the endless cycle of things happening. North Carolina State University’s undergraduate students have once against caused upheaval and made something new, that is not