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Scientific research has proved that no matter what, all humans have a DNA that matches the other by five percent. Now, from what we know about genetic engineering and from what science has discovered so far, our DNAs can bear resemblance only to those that we are attached by a

I believe humanity to be the biggest force that manifests itself within us. Humanity is a force that connects us all beyond all racial or religious boundaries. Humanity is something superfluous, so to say, it is present in tremendous proportions, in-between all of us, yet most of us are so

Every day something new is happening. A man loses a family in a car accident but on the other hand a serene baby opens his eyes to this world for the first time. Our lives on this planet are like an endless cycle, something is destroyed but at the same

As I said in my previous monologue that I went on this voyage of mine for one month, I didn’t so quite turn out this way. What I realized was that month wasn’t enough time at all to capture it all, even to understand it all to the core of

The much awaited report from India’s national crime investigation agency, National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) was released on Monday, which has led to a widespread debate in the country on crimes against women. According to the NCRB, as many as 309,546 cases of rape, molestation and sexual assaults against women

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in the United Kingdom is up in arms against a Christian run bakery in the Northern Ireland town of Newtownabbey for a recent action, which may only be described as being a throwback to an earlier era when Gay rights were not

One morning we awoke and found that the sun had turned green and the moon had turned blue! Babies had begun to fly and old men had begun to babble. It became possible for someone to be transported from one continent to the other in a matter of minutes, baggage

Real life events that shape our world are now brought to your door step, or more practically, your phone or computer screen or any smart device you have. By getting acquainted with these daily news reports, you can tell in what direction a people or nations are going.You can develop

It is said that ’personality is to people what perfume is to a flower.’ (Charles Schwab). We could not exist without its own personality, which is our business card in the world.With this ’INVITATION TO FRIENDSHIP…around the world’, ZAPPERS team, writers and personalities from all countries open their soul to

United by differences Zappers team has proposed to capture new aspects of the concept of cultural diversity. The formula for success that allowed us to achieve this ambitious goal can be summed up in the phrase united by differences. Applying this philosophy in all stages of business, from strategy to