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Hello folks!! Nice to see you, it’s Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on the beloved country of Jamaica. In this country fatherhood isn’t celebrated a lot, there is a tendency to make a baby and walk out of the family life, leaving the mother to hold the

How Greek is struggling to finance themselves againIt’s Greek, struggling to finals themselves again. It’s pretty easy to explain, greet her love finance struggle in 2008, which was resulted in extremely huge depths and brought radical declines in the social welfare system and Greek with its. But how could this

News of the disastrous and terrifying fire in Fort McMurray has spread to even the furthest corners of the world.  It is one of the only times that Canadas terrifying events have made the news for any extended period of time.  As Canadians band together to take on the chaos

All over the news for the past few weeks has been the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  It has made local news across the country as well as global news around the world.  While those who are sitting at home learning about this drastic event, there are many who are

Women are not only concerned about beauty but about the welfare of families. It is always a noble thing when people who have a lot of money share their wealth with the needy. Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, is leading by example in this.The First Lady has fulfilled

Society is made by people and people think differently. The way the people think majorly depends upon the ways that have been used for their upbringing. Mothers are the one who are responsible for nourishment and the development of a kid. An educated mother is definitely a positive because education

Reading Max du Preez’s article on 10th May in got me thinking again about how difficult it is to break away from human intolerance. He wrote in article titled “We need to talk about South Africa’s every day racism”.He wrote: “South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most open

America votes this year its president, and it seems more and more like Donald Trump is going to be the chosen one. If so, how would his politics be like? How would he rule the giant USA? Would there be any similarities to how he ruled his own company and

As women’s are the backbone of a nation, if a woman is well educated then she can give educated children’s to the society. As the need of the women in the society is increasing day by day because she is more intelligent and hardworking as compare to men.Education is considered

A few decades ago, Pakistan only had one national television channel; Pakistan Television as it was aptly named was an epitome of the State’s vision for the country. It was a very good entertainment channel – give it the credit where it is due however it lacked the vision that