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Education is very important in the development of a country. Education plays an important role in the employment and growth of a country.  Education helps the people to get knowledge, understanding and maturity at various aspects of life. Starting from the school then college with different forms of education and

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is an ambitious young man. Zuckerberg’s wealth has zoomed to $45 billion this year, which makes him one of the richest people in the world. But Zuckerberg has loftier goals than just making money. He wants to cure all of the world’s diseases.Zuckerberg said in a

With the new government, there is a lot of good things that are happening within Canadas borders.  This is because the Prime Minister is proving to be very good at handling his promises and making sure that they all get answered.  The thing to remember is that the Prime Minister

Everyone from gardeners to interested University students understand the importance of the bee in our ecosystem.  It plays a role in pollination, which is linked to the growth and survival of certain tree and plant species, which, in turn, relates to the quality of life that other animals and human

People of Pakistan prepare for an extreme heat wave second time in a row. Karachi, the bustling city of more than 20 million residents, there were more than 1300 reported deaths just in that one city. Hospitals ran out of cold storages for dead bodies as many deaths in rural

Everybody knows the old Egyptians and their expensive and incredibly-looking monuments they build. The best example are here the pyramids, who were attracting millions of people before the Middle East revolution each and every year. What’s currently happening is, that the country is at such a bad situation, that many

The Middle East is currently in a bad situation – both economically and socially. Due to the revolution and the rise of militant groups, who were suppressed by the dictators and the regimes of countries like Egypt, Syria and others, the Middle East is now facing a severe situation with

If there is one thing that majority of the world loves, its animals.  That being said, there are many dogs and cats that never get forever homes because they are abandoned by their previous owners without a thought, and then left to die in the wild, or in a shelter

In Canada, there is an alarming rate of elderly people and children.  There are some in between those ages, but the rise of these two rates has been causing problems in certain communities that are running out of space for the elderly.  On a national scale, Canadians want to find

What how it’s going how is Donald Trump going to run the USA, how is he going to deal with other countries?Donald Trump is pretty much one of the most offensive and aggressive president candidates ever ran and tried running this country. To use a and it’s kind of that’s