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Nicole Kidman is perhaps one of the most popular actresses of her generation and one of the biggest celebrities. Kidman has enjoyed a rollercoaster ride of a career, and has had her ups and downs. But the sad passing away of her father, Dr. Anthony Kidman has put things in

Perhaps one of the most influential football players of all time, Roy Keane, the former captain of the world’s biggest football club, Manchester United has come up with a no hold barred autobiography, titled, Roy Keane: The Second Half.  Keane has spared no one in this book, and has especially

Hollywood stars aren’t supposed to have strong opinions on politics. They are expected to promote their movies, act in commercials, dress up for award shows, pose for pictures and move on. But Ben Affleck is notably different. Affleck  has very strong opinions on politics and religion, and isn’t afraid to

Ranbir Kapoor is Bollywood’s biggest star, and you have probably heard of him as the boyfriend of one of the sexiest women in the world, Bollywood sensation, Katrina Kaif. He is famous for his Greek God type looks and has already registered great success in Bollywood, despite being only 31

Hollywood is famous for its glitz and glamour, plastic perfect people and crumbling marriages. While a few celebrity marriages have been everlasting and a portrayal of sheer, utter and true love others have torn apart at the seams faster than one can anticipate. For example, Kim Kardashian and her former

After the tomfoolery and war, many celebrities cancelled their tours to Israel. Lana Del Rey had allegedly cancelled a concert in Israel. The concert is said to have been delayed but never took place. No celebrities showed hate in particular but concerts and celebrity appearances just kept being cancelled. Many

Greetings to the World!!! Jamaica Urban Legend Mon!!! Here to put a smile on your face and make your day a little bit better, there is a lot going on in this world. But even so, don’t let that get you down, keep your head up and keep smiling, especially

In an Islamic country like Pakistan, where women like to wear Hijab and cover themselves up, many have done quite the opposite to gain fame and notoriety. Or maybe they find a profound meaning behind baring themselves, but who knows! This a crazy world and we get to see lots

Forbes has come out with a list of Hollywood’s highest earning actresses for the year 2014, and it wasn’t a surprise to see the star of “Gravity”, America’s original sweetheart, Sandra Bullock rising to the top of the rankings. Bullock has bagged as much as $51 million in earnings from