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Kanye West is one of those rappers who is known for being egotistical, and often a bit whiny about it. He’s been famous for upstaging country singers during awards ceremonies, ridiculous demands, and even having suicide threats after having been called a jerk by fans and others in the industry.

Young princes have all the luck. Women, fame, glamour and money. Most importantly money! Prince Harry, we all knew was a great looking guy who runs through a string of beautiful girlfriends, and has the entire British and international media salivating over him. While his brother, Prince William is one

For as long as one might remember, Indian soap television shows have always invaded Pakistani homes like tomb raiders, women sat with their heads lost in the television screens, watching melodramatic, contoured shows that had nothing but terribly loud and over dramatic background music. A single scene went on for

In a recent catastrophic outburst, Gullu Butt left every one stunned by inexplicable and baffling acts of vandalism and terrorism. First of all, let’s talk about who he is: Gullu Butt is a “police tout” who led to public beatings and executions of many civilians for no apparent reason at

Next up is the hunky singer/songwriter from the band Maroon5, loved by women all around the world, ladies and gentlemen, Adam Levine. Adam, with his defying looks and amazing voice, has enticed us all. His classic Pop rock/ dance music is played in clubs all around the globe.Adam’s most famous

One of the popular countries nowadays that are making a huge impact to the whole world is South Korea, and most of the people who love getting to know more about the country are female fans loving and admiring handsome celebrities from this country. The following are the top 5
HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 28:  Actress-director Jennifer Aniston and actor-director Justin Theroux attend the 64th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards cocktail reception held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland on January 28, 2012 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA)

“Rachel” finally gets married! Jennifer Aniston, who played the popular character Rachel in perhaps the most popular TV show of all times, Friends, got married earlier this week, to actor Justin Theroux. Aniston is 46 years old and Theroux, who turns 44 next week. They have been known to each