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Groups of followers of the government of President Nicolás Maduro raided Venezuelas National Assembly (Parliament) on this Sunday October 23rd while inside the protocol hemicycle a special session was performed. Those who managed to enter, some of them with bulletproof vests, were able to overcome all controls, even passing over

International Articles 21-Rising Taxes And Related WorriesThe tax rate is soon going to rise in New Brunswick, one of Canadas poorest provinces.  The people living in this small province are just some of the many Canadians across the country that are starting to become concerned about the tax percent.  Canada

Pakistan is a country that is lucky enough to be enriched with numerous natural resources. Natural resources are a blessing of God towards the country. Some of the natural resources that the country possess are coal, gas, gemstones, copper and gold reserves oil, iron, titanium and aluminium. These resources play

Post-Germany going to develop in the next five years?Germany is currently on its rise. Without adult, in Germany Texas may not increasing but the economies significantly increasing.. Germany is the strongest and with altered without most influential country in the European dungeon. While other countries pay heavy interests on their

$227 Million Financing by SolarCity Can Be A ‘Huge Catalyst, According to Finance Expert Michael MorosiSolarCity lately announced $227M raise in the cash equity sector which is a move which may ease the concerns of investors who are worried with the firm’s softening regulation. According to Michael Morosi, analyst of Avondale

China is one of the most successful industrial states in 2016. A few decades ago, they used to be relatively poor, but asked their GDP grew more and more, their influence on the wall to call me grew as well. Nowadays, they are heavily influencing countries like Germany, the US

A Prize Bond is a draw bond, a non-interest manner security issued. Funds raised are used to offset government borrowing and are refundable to the owner of the bond on demand. Interest is given back to bond owners via prizes that are distributed by means of random selection of bonds. Prize Bonds are accessible in Pakistan, by the Ministry of Finance, and within the UK, under the name Premium Bonds.Prize Bonds are a unique kind of investment. Instead of paying

Are we headed for a global economic recession? We might well be, if experts are to be believed. Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is called the central bank of central banks. It is one of the most important financial institutions in the world. BIS has warned of a “gathering storm”

India is the 2nd most popular country in the world because of its largest population, Democracy, climate, language and culture. India came into existence in 1947.Nowadays India is growing too fast. According to new figures which are released by Indian authorities in 2015 put economic growth in the emerging power