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Are we headed for a global economic recession? We might well be, if experts are to be believed. Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is called the central bank of central banks. It is one of the most important financial institutions in the world. BIS has warned of a “gathering storm”

India is the 2nd most popular country in the world because of its largest population, Democracy, climate, language and culture. India came into existence in 1947.Nowadays India is growing too fast. According to new figures which are released by Indian authorities in 2015 put economic growth in the emerging power

STOCKHOLM: Things have never been this difficult – or as it seems if you look at the immigration board website. The site has been made to deal with record number of asylum seekers and has had to suffer from massive delays. Routine processes have been delayed – queues are massive

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asia, which is safe to travel and full of wonders. Although the roots of Vietnam’s culture are firmly bedded in a thousand years of Chinese domination, the French colonialists brought European-style administration, Christianity in the form of Catholicism. And as

Singapore is one of the most popular and vibrant destination in Asia with its renowned clean and beautiful garden city and unique cultural diffusion of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European immigrants. Singapore is a very clean, safe and efficient city due to the strictly enforced laws. So make sure you

Pakistan is a country that is lucky enough to be enriched with numerous natural resources. Natural resources are a blessing of God towards the country. Some of the natural resources that the country possess are coal, gas, gemstones, copper and gold reserves oil, iron, titanium and aluminium. These resources play

As Canada starts to return to normal after the scary happenings in the beautiful and destroyed city of For McMurray, there is a trend growing in the western provinces, and that is the rising gas prices.  This rise is directly linked to the massive fire in Fort McMurray, as the

The Middle East is currently in a bad situation – both economically and socially. Due to the revolution and the rise of militant groups, who were suppressed by the dictators and the regimes of countries like Egypt, Syria and others, the Middle East is now facing a severe situation with