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Tissot Augmented Reality Swiss Watch company Tissot have combined AR in their services by letting individuals “try on” the company’s watches “virtually” outside of Harrods, London. The company handed out white & black paper wrist bands & when somebody stood in front of their big LCD display, a web cam positioned

When Tiiny video application was launched first, one of its major features was the videos were disappearing after 24 hrs. For update 2.0, the creators at North Technologies got rid of the brief nature of posted video clips. Along with videos which no longer disappear, the Tiiny application for iOS

London.While there are signs that British economy has improved greatly over the last year, one of Britain’s most important economists, the chief economist of Bank of Englad, Andrew Haldane says a lot more has to be done and he still feels that the British economy is not out of the

It has only been 5 years since the violent civil war between the Tamil minority and the Sinhalese majority ended, but it seems that Sri Lanka is all set to become Asias next economic powerhouse and join the ranks of Asian financial giants like Singapore and Taiwan.  Thanks to many

The amazing rise of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues in India as his party won two important states in India in a critical election. Narendra Modi’s party, BJP, won the state of Maharashtra, where India’s financial capital or the New York of India – Mumbai – is located. Not