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Tissot Augmented Reality Swiss Watch company Tissot have combined AR in their services by letting individuals “try on” the company’s watches “virtually” outside of Harrods, London. The company handed out white & black paper wrist bands & when somebody stood in front of their big LCD display, a web cam positioned

When Tiiny video application was launched first, one of its major features was the videos were disappearing after 24 hrs. For update 2.0, the creators at North Technologies got rid of the brief nature of posted video clips. Along with videos which no longer disappear, the Tiiny application for iOS

Mark Zuckerberg had his first every public news conference early this week, and spoke about his dreams for Facebook and the future of technology as he saw it. Zuckerberg said that the News Feed, which is the most feature of Facebook, would one day evolve into a perfect personalized newspaper.

  American Space Agency (NASA), in the near future will make the new spacecraft. Competent authority has approved the formulation phase transition towards the realization phase (development) on Wednesday. Charles Bolden, NASA administrator, called it a "human scientific exploration trip to Mars". Space Launch System, or SLS, is the first

How to Use Hyper Targeting for Marketing Your Business?Although targeted promotion have been around for quite some time, it’s more crucial to make advertisements super specific.While browsing the internet, individuals leave a digital footmark which can be tracked by huge data mining structures. As a result, advertisers are able to

Google under Shark Attack!!   San Francisco, United States. 17/8/2014   One would have thought that Google Technologies, the worlds biggest Internet Company, worth a humungous $395 billion in market capitalization was the biggest shark in the pond. But it may now be revealed for the benefit of our readers