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Tissot Augmented Reality Swiss Watch company Tissot have combined AR in their services by letting individuals “try on” the company’s watches “virtually” outside of Harrods, London. The company handed out white & black paper wrist bands & when somebody stood in front of their big LCD display, a web cam positioned

When Tiiny video application was launched first, one of its major features was the videos were disappearing after 24 hrs. For update 2.0, the creators at North Technologies got rid of the brief nature of posted video clips. Along with videos which no longer disappear, the Tiiny application for iOS

The amazing rise of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues in India as his party won two important states in India in a critical election. Narendra Modi’s party, BJP, won the state of Maharashtra, where India’s financial capital or the New York of India – Mumbai – is located. Not

The past week, online hackers held desktops of Sony Pictures staff to ransom threatening that if they did not fulfil their wants they will release secret files online.Sadly for Sony, there’s a possibility that the hackers might have released a portion of the “10 TB” of info they acquired from

Opening a new chapter in order to explore the universe, the world\s biggest telescope will be built near the summit of the dormant Mauna Kea volcano on Hawaii Island.Situated above the clouds at 13,796 feet, it will offer a clear and deep view of the skies above for 300 days

It is not only you: the Azure cloud platform from Microsoft is suffering from a common outage across several regions. The organization’s support page points out that there is some issue in the storage layer of several regions.This issue looks to influence users with VM’s (virtual machines) in all areas

A Cure at last! Could this be true?In the last two weeks, top on the news has been the vile Ebola virus and for good reason: it is in most recent times, the deadliest disease on the planet. Not even AIDS can match it in its speed of deteriorating the

It is a great week for iPad substitutes from Finland. A few days ago, Nokia declared that its coming back in the market of consumer electronics with Nokia N1 – an Android based tab priced at $249 will run its Z-Launcher program – now Jolla, fellow Finns,  have declared strategies