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Tissot Augmented Reality Swiss Watch company Tissot have combined AR in their services by letting individuals “try on” the company’s watches “virtually” outside of Harrods, London. The company handed out white & black paper wrist bands & when somebody stood in front of their big LCD display, a web cam positioned

When Tiiny video application was launched first, one of its major features was the videos were disappearing after 24 hrs. For update 2.0, the creators at North Technologies got rid of the brief nature of posted video clips. Along with videos which no longer disappear, the Tiiny application for iOS

Music in Pakistan is everywhere. From 24-hours music channels on TV and radio to musical jingles in advertisements, music is omnipresent in Pakistan. However, no listener is actually paying to listen to any of this music. As a result, the financial condition of the Pakistani music industry is currently in

French Institute in Indonesia (IFI) to present an annual series of events titled F e de la Science (Science Party) in 2014 took place in seven cities in Indonesia, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, Jombang, Surabaya and Makassar on 1 September to 15 October, with the theme of "Anger of the

Why Your Next Laptop Should Be a Chromebook?Googles Android OS can be seen in majority of the smartphones present in the market. However there is one product to which Android preferred to stay away from, that is the PC – most preferably a laptop today. For such products, the company