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The election is over. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. We bring the latest reactions from world leaders; who said what, about the extraordinary Trump win. As the nail-biting election extended into early Wednesday, the rest of the world was contemplating the reality of President Donald Trump

After brutal attacks of novice Intruders named ISIS on Iraq it was not a strange announcement on March 24th that the government in Baghdad announced the beginning of operations to regain the control of Mosul city, Iraq’s second largest area wise. Things went better at the starting when Iraqi army

Iraq and Its politicians Iraq, which is a legitimately known as the “Republic of Iraq” is a country in Western Asia, bordered by different Islamic countries i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. It’s name Iraq is used before the 6th century. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad, which is also its largest city. The main

Some iPhone Devices Facing Strange Activation Lock Error A weird malfunction is apparently prompting an Activation Lock on the recently launched iPhone 7 smart phones, with users finding their device already associated with the Apple email ID of other person. MacRumors states more and more iPhone owners are reporting such issue. As

Hillary Clinton on the Attack Mode Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump relentlessly and called him a pseudo prophet of the working class. She spoke amid revelations that Trump did not pay any income tax for almost 20 years. “Trump represents the same rigged system that he claims he’s going to

Bearing Babies in Prison It can be a harrowing experience living in a prison. It could be more traumatic for a child to also live in a prison, not because the child is an offender (of course) but because the child has been born in prison. The National Human Rights

Abducted in Church A church is often seen as a safe place. Not anymore these days. So it was that a pastor was abducted during a church service. Pastor Olusegun Omoniyi, lies critically ill after he was allegedly abducted at the Christ Apostolic Church, Onigbogbo, Atan Ota, Ogun State and

Afghanistan Pakistan border disputes continue to hamper trade: ISLAMABAD: Authorities in Afghanistan said that Afghan products are constantly facing problems while being exported to India through the Eastern border in Pakistan which is called Wagah. This border crossing has been historically used by Afghanistan and Pakistan as a major trade

CUBA: Mi Amigos, how are you? You know disease is a horrible thing, which is why prevention is better than cure. But let’s take a look at this rare exception, On what appears to be a residential street on the outskirts of Havana, the tan building with a guard gate

Certain topics and problems have long been thought of a taboo in our society. They didn’t create it to the same old mealtime conversations, nor were they ever enclosed at gatherings once our elders met and had their discussions. The younger generation, however, is beginning to question these taboos. So