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Kids are the assert of our country and if they are not secure mentally and physically so our future is also not safe. Kidnapping is an unlawful transportation of a person without his consent. In our country kidnapping is becoming common day by day and every year millions of people

Verizon Buys Yahoo for Just $4.83 Billion In a development that sent shockwaves throughout the tech community, it emerged that Verizon, one of the biggest telecom companies in the world, had bought Yahoo for just $4.83 billion in cash. This purchase comes soon after Verizon paid $4.4 billion to buy

10 People Killed in Terror Attack in Munich There was a mass shooting in Munich, Germany in a shopping centre on Friday evening that left 10 people dead and 21 injured. The Munich police had launched a massive manhunt to catch the attackers and shut down the whole city. But

Multiple stab wounds in Japan Residents of Japan are completely shocked at the moment. 19 people were stabbed and at least 26 other innocent people were injured during an attack plotted by a person totally disgusting. Things did not end there because the people who were attacked today were actually

Is still adultery (Hadood Ord) a crime in Pakistan? As this Hadood Ord was established by General Zia Haq in 1979, the most debated of these are the two laws relating to sexual crimes, i.e. the Zina and Qazf Ordinances. These laws created six separate types of sexual crimes and

Issue of Christians in Pakistan As Christians are known as the minority group in Pakistan they are given all the rights to practice their religion, but in some areas and places they face some problems and issues. We cannot discuss all the issues of Christianity, but will discuss some of

Britain will have a national referendum on June 23, just under 4 weeks from now, to decide whether to remain in the European Union, or to leave it. The Brexit referendum, as it has come to be known as, has already worried a lot of people, especially British expats living

Stockholm was treated to a magnificent spectacle as Eurovision contest of 2016 reached its final conclusion. Although there were many heart warming entries and songs – one of them stood tall amongst them all. The Ukranian song sung beautifully by Jamala won not only the hearts and souls of the

Chinese governments are known to get their message across to the people in intuitive ways. This week which is being celebrated as the National Security Week – a particular poster became the center of attention and ridicule in equal measures. The particular poster tells us about a story of a

Due to the many attacks in Europe and their terroristic activity in Europe, ISIS is a term everybody knows. Everybody has heard of their violent behavior in the Middle East and their beheadings and killing methods. In 2016, ISIS already exists for a few years continuously. How is ISIS currently