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Paris is under attack! The entire world was left reeling after the deadliest strike on France since the end of the World War 2. Over 127 people have been killed in the attacks, reportedly carried out by the dreaded terrorist outfit, ISIS. All world leaders have come together to condemn

The whole world is in complete shock after teams of terrorists carried out a coordinated terror strike at six crowded locations in Paris on Friday last week, killing over 127 people and wounding 352.  In fact, 99 of those who have been injured in the terror strike have been very

You have probably noticed them – men and women wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Protestors, anarchists, hacktivists – they are members of the group Anonymous. Anonymous is a group of anarchists and hackers who have hundreds of thousands of members all over the world, fighting capitalism, corruption, religious intolerance or bigotry

If there was a loser in the third Republican debate for the Presidential nomination, it was the news network CNBC, which moderated the debate. CNBC has since come in for a lot of criticism from all sides for their obvious bias against the Republicans. They have been accused of trying

Justin Trudeau is the most unlikely man to become the prime minister of an important country like Canada. He is only 43 years old and never really held a significant job, having tried everything from trying his hand at teaching drama, bungee-jumping, engineering, coaching, environmental geography, charity boxing, acting etc. Compared

All the Republican Candidates took turns blasting the media during the third Republican debate for the Presidential nomination. They were upset with the tone of the CNBC moderators who asked them tough questions over their tax plans and other economic issues. Governor Chris Christie told one of the moderators, “Do

A man has had an incredible 420 kidney stones removed from his kidney by doctors after attending a hospital doubled up in pain. Mr He from Zhejiang Province in eastern China, checked into the Dongyang Peoples Hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen last month. A CT scan revealed

Hello, Its Jamaica Urban Legend here, to give you on what’s happening in Jamaica land we love! Now lets talk about politics which plays a major part in our country. The ruling Peoples National Party (PNP) has decided to replace businessman Peter Blake with Government Senator Imani Duncan Price in
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In a shocking act of racism in Sweden, a 21-year old man identified as Anton Lundin Pettersson was found to have hacked to death a 17-year old student and a teacher and badly injured a 14-year old student and a 41-year old teacher. The attacks happened in the Kronan school

A top Iranian military commander has been killed by ISIS in Syria, where he was advising the Syrian army in its fight against extremists, Iranian state media reported Friday. France said yesterday it had carried out a second wave of strikes overnight on Islamic State targets in Syria and accused