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Russia is openly supporting the Syrian leader Bassar al-Assad as the battle for Syria’s second most important city begins in earnest between President Assad’s army and the opposition group represented by the Free Syrian Army. It has been three weeks since President Putin decided to intervene in Syria with the

In 2014 there was the announcement for mass recruitment of persons into the Nigerian Immigration Service. That recruitment went utterly sour. There were allegations that the process had been fraudulent, charging unnecessary registration fees from applicants and that the organization was poor. However, some persons have argued that it was

LAHORE: Pakistan it seems is always living on the perennial edge of a steep slope – all it takes for unfortunate events to roll is one switch and mayhem ensues. The political standing of the country is fluid, so fluid that it is hard to remember sometimes that who is
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In what is considered to be the deadliest terrorist attack in Turkey’s history, 95 people were killed and 250 wounded; many of them seriously after two explosions in the heart of Ankara. The terror strike was targeted at a peace rally which was attended by tens of thousands of people,

10 people were killed and over 7 injured when a gunman opened fire last Thursday at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The suspected shooter has been identified as a 26-year-old man by the name of Chris Harper Mercer. He has since been shot dead by the police. It

Facebook users from around the world had an opportunity to interact with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week in a special Facebook Town Hall Q&A held at Menlo Park, California. Mr. Modi fielded questions from Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook about his government’s business friendliness, what he was

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered perhaps the fieriest speech ever made at the UN General Assembly last week. PM Netanyahu was visibly seething with anger as he spoke out against the recent nuclear deal between Iran and the United States and warned the member nations of the United Nations

In this year’s summit, Dhaka; the capital of Bangladesh came in second in the top worst cities to live in list. And the recent event that occurred in the capital surely seems to agree with it as an Italian national was shot dead by armed criminals in the capitals Gulshan

At least 700 people are claimed to have died in a stampede during the Muslim Holy pilgrimage Hajj. Although this seems to be a very distant concern, the fact remain that thousands of these pilgrims travel from European countries. And while the nationality wise casualty count figures are still being

President Obama and President Raúl Castro of Cuba met Tuesday for the second time in six months, continuing a gradual warming of ties that has chipped away at decades of tension between the nations but upset conservative critics of Mr. Obama and some Republican presidential candidates. Mr. Obama smiled broadly