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Hola, how are you Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on Cuba. Now there has been so much change in this country, and its happening so fast!! The recent opening up of the Internet in Cuba is creating new international connections between Afro-Cubans and broader black global cultures.

Hillary Clinton, who is the leading candidate in the U.S. Presidential race, defended herself against serious allegations over mishandling her personal email server. She has been under a lot of attack from her opponents for using a private email server when she was the US Secretary of State – which

On this year’s budget, the government slapped 7.5 percent VAT on private universities. The decision drew widespread criticism from among students and guardians. Which resulted in thousands of private university students took to the streets and blocked traffic in the capital and elsewhere yesterday, to press home their demand for

Donald Trump is the man making all the news in the United States. Talking about Trump has become an obsession for the US media. Trump represents at least 25 percent of the news coverage, whether it’s his hair, his wealth, his outrageous statement or his much younger wife, Donald Trump

  ISLAMABAD: India and Pakistan have once again claimed that the working boundary separating Indian and Pakistani held Kashmir has seen cease fire violation and while both parties are adamant that the result in firing is due to the other, tensions have escalated immensely between the two countries. The Pakistani

Hola Mi, Its Jamaica Urban here to give you a report on our great, next door neighbours Cuba, Be interested! Big things are happening in Cuba, and with time, things are going to get better and better for this country, so keep your eyes wide open !! The Obama administration
Confidential documents

The past week, online hackers held desktops of Sony Pictures staff to ransom threatening that if they did not fulfil their wants they will release secret files online. Sadly for Sony, there’s a possibility that the hackers might have released a portion of the “10 TB” of info they acquired

The US is planning to sign an important ‘drone deal’ with India during President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to New Delhi. Ahead of Obama’s arrival in the Indian capital in the last week of January, the senior American officials have started taking necessary steps to secure agreements with the South