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Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 5 Mar 10: Kong- Skull Island In spite of the fact that the story of the King Kong story is revived, the movie is at least taking unique approach. So far very little info has been released to the public, however we realize the

Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 4 Mar 10: T2 Trainspotting Expectations were quite high for the sequel the moment it was first released to public, however once the trailer was made open to audience, it deteriorated the mood to a small extent. Possibly 30 years actually is a long

What makes movies incredible? Why do some stand the test of time while others gradually (or rather rapidly) lose their worth? For a few movies, its the feeling the story conjures. Now and again an actor performance or execution is so exceptional, it catches our consideration. Once in a while,

Jeeto Pakistan a best game show well-known in Pakistan as well as in other countries too. It is broadcasted on Ary entertainment through the satellite and is hosted by Fahad Mustafa, who is a very fine actor and famous among the young generation and is produced by Rana Rizwan and

Entertainment industry contains a mix of different actors and actresses. Same is the case with Pakistani entertainment fraternity. There have been a lot of new male faces introduced in the market and actually they are being appreciated more than actors of the past. Pakistan drama industry has always been a

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards happened this week and a lot went down and we here at Zapper news have all the scoop and gossip to share with you. Music awards like this are much more entertaining that classy awards like the Oscars. While everyone at the Oscars is one

Many strict and backwards religious societies tend to have very strict guidelines and codes of conduct when it comes cultural expression, women dressing the way they want, singing, dancing and a lot more. Sadly, Islam is no exception. In fact, some strictly Muslim societies and countries highly frown upon things

Fortunately, Pakistani TV shows have always been better than their Indian counterparts and that is a well known fact, even with the Indian audience, who widely prefer Pakistani television serials over Indian TV serials. From an unbiased point of view, Indian TV shows are still trying to make money on

With the rise of online services that allow you you to watch TV online for a monthly fee (ex: Netflix), TV shows are becoming more widespread than ever and they are reaching younger and newer audiences regardless of whether they are new shows or the classic oldies that everyone watches

Istanbul European Choir comprises of 100 artists all originating from various callings, nationalities and religions. The main thing that kept them together for over 30 years is their deference of polyphonic music. The staff changes each year by new attendances and by the way that a few individuals need to