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Choral Istanbul is contained choristers living in Istanbul who are from various nations and religions. The choir sings polyphonic music from Turkey and distinctive nations in assortment of society melodies, otherworldly and well known music. The Choir expects to make music with peace and affection for mankind and without making

As social media is a way that allow people to communicate with eachother, they can share information, images and videos through the mean of it. As television, cinema, telephone is also considered as the social media for the people to communicate with eachother but it is not the technology. The

The Moscow Boys Choir is a cautious mixing of superb soprano voices with the rich reverberation of bass, tenor and baritone sound that conveys an unmistakable Russian flavor to the choral experience. Established in 1957, this choral outfit is among Russias most prestigious all-kid choirs. Under the heading of Mr.

BONI PUERI, the Czech Boys Choir, was established in 1982 and has gotten to be one of Europes most acclaimed musical troupes. The choirs have given more than 2500 shows in North America, Asia and Europe, have delivered 13 recordings and have been welcome to take an interest in 20

All through the roughly 150 years of its history, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has developed from a singing gathering whose major parpose was to give music to Church gatherings held at the Tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City to a choir with a worldwide notoriety. In 1893 a

For what is being called a “visual album” and is already making its way to the top of the Billboard Hot. 100 chart, American singer/ songwriter Beyonce’s new album titled “Lemonade” is making quite the stir. Beyonce has called Lemonade a visual album and the entire album carries one message

Even without making a mega-hit pop album since 2013, Queen of Pop Mother Monster Lady Gaga seems to be living through an all time high in her career. Lady Gaga is currently demonstrating how, no matter what, talent always shines through and true talent is what matters the most. Since

Participants in the contest can be solo and band. State participants can choose the contest participants through the national selection or internal selection. National selection was held a few months before the contest and consists of several rounds before the final. While the internal selection directly choose who would be

Participants of the contest Eurovision is an active member of the EBU. Active members also joined in the European Broadcasting Area and the Council of Europe. Countries that want to follow the Eurovision contest must meet the requirements put forward by the EBU. These requirements are to pay the participation

Eurovision contest is always held at a stadium / theater. Contest aired on one of the national TV stations belonging to the EBU. TV station will record the course of the contest from start to finish using a transmitter. This contest not only show in the country entered the contest,