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JAMAICA Greetings folks it is Jamaica Urban Legend here, with some great news on my home country Jamaica. Unity is strength ask these guys. If the Cornwall College pair of Jourdaine Fletcher and Peter-Lee Vassell seem to think as one on the field, it could be because they have been

Angela Merkel: Is she soon going too be umemployed? Angela Merkel – hardly any other person advocated the rush of migrants into Germany as strongly as she did. As she declared, that no Syrian will not get an asylum status in Germany, millions of people from all ethnicities in the

We all have heard of the war that really destabilized both countries for quite some period of time and it also effected the relations of Arab countries with each other. This was Iran Iraq war which was started in September 1980 by Dictator Saddam Hussain, the war throughout, included missiles,

SIS flag does not constitute hate speech and is therefore legal in Sweden. Staff report: In an interesting development last week, the ISIS flag has been termed as legal in Sweden and can be used under the expression of freedom. The interesting development came from Prosecutor Gisela Sjövall who announced

Donald Trump’s sexual transgressions: Is it the end of Trump phenomenon? STAFF REPORT: For a very long time, Donald Trump has converted everything into gold that he has touched. The fortune 500 businessman has developed a great estate and become the apple of the business community. Before he started his

Ireland Warns the UK about the Consequences of Brexit Many Irish experts have warned Britain of the severe economic consequences of the decision to leave the European Union. On the referendum held on June 23rd earlier this year, 52% of the British electorate voted to leave the EU. Ireland’s Prime

Clinton Supporters Worried by Trump’s New Strategy Donald Trump’s campaign has hit a roadblock recently because of the serious nature of the accusations made against him. A number of women have come out and accused him of behaving inappropriately with them. In a recent opinion poll, Hillary Clinton was found

iPhone 7: Verizon Users Report Few Issues However the Fix Is Not That Bothersome The users of the latest iPhone-7 are loving the company’s next generation device, although a few users on the Verizon noticed their new device will randomly & periodically drop the signal falling back to the 3G

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Powerful Speech Draws Mixed Reactions The new Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May made a powerful speech at the Conservative Conference held in Birmingham last week. She said that her government was serious about Brexit and through her speech showed that her conservatism was different from

Hola Mi amigos It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with a wonderful piece of news on the country of Cuba Mickey Mouse might have as much of an impact on Tampa-Cuba relations as José Martí. Before the embargo against the island-nation, Tampa and Cuba were major trading partners. Tampa primarily