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The recent refugee crisis in Europe has horrified officials in the United States, with many calling for prompt action to be taken. Senator Sherrod Brown said the crisis was “heart-wrenching” that “it’s critical that we help the thousands of people who have fled violence and instability at home in search

Authorities in India have cracked down on Greenpeace, banning its India branch from receiving funds from abroad. This follows a series of crackdowns by the Indian government against environmental and developmental organizations. This follows a strong feeling in India that non-government organizations, aided and abetted by western governments, are working

The world’s greatest refugee crisis is on at the Mediterranean Sea, as thousands of desperate migrants try to cross over into Europe fighting tremendous odds. Scores have died already, and tens of thousands more live in abominable conditions.Last week, 70 refugees were suffocated to death in a truck in Austria.

Hillary Clinton, who is the leading candidate in the U.S. Presidential race, defended herself against serious allegations over mishandling her personal email server. She has been under a lot of attack from her opponents for using a private email server when she was the US Secretary of State – which

Amish- a word we have heard so many times in our life. A word that we use in almost every day. But many of us don’t know the history behind it. In fact, if we delve a bit deeper we will find out that the Amish way of living is

On this year’s budget, the government slapped 7.5 percent VAT on private universities. The decision drew widespread criticism from among students and guardians. Which resulted in thousands of private university students took to the streets and blocked traffic in the capital and elsewhere yesterday, to press home their demand for

PARIS, France (AFP) — Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt will skip the season-ending Diamond League meet in Brussels on Friday to enjoy a break after storming to treble gold at the world Championships in Beijing last month."After the excitement of the past few weeks at the World T&F (track and

Another season of the English Premier League begins this Saturday. So who will win it this time? Will it be Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, the defending champions, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City or  Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United? All four teams have been considerably strengthened during the summer with

Hola, Its Jamaica Urban Legend here again, with another piece of news from the island of Cuba, I hope you keep the faith, always believe!!1Three new exhibits honoring Cuba’s patron saint, Our Lady of Charity, were unveiled Tuesday as thousands of devotees paid homage to the venerated religious icon affectionately

The U.S. Presidential debate began on Thursday night, with the seven bottom-tier candidates taking on each other, in the race for the nomination for the Republican party. While Donald Trump wasn’t present on stage – he will feature in the larger debate with the more popular candidates later – he