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At last, the wonderful supporters who had come all the way from Ecuador to Brasil to cheer for their team had something to cheer. In fact, if things go well in their next game against France, there might even be massive national celebrations in the little land locked South American

Hola!! Como Estas!!! Today we are going to take a little break from Jamaica and visit a neighbor very near and dear to us both geographically and by friendship….Cuba!! Now like any other country, Cuba has its culture, cuisine, museum and history, but today we are going to talk about

The continent of Africa takes pride in its natural endowments: trees, animals; vibrant, strong and intelligent people. They love life, agriculture, nature and culture. One other natural endowment is their tenacity and endurance: qualities they love to display whenever they play one of their most beloved sports: football. And there

There is always something happening around you. It’s called news! Something to make you think; something to make you laugh… Something to make you cry, something to make you take action… It’s something that you see every day and something that has never happened before. It’s fresh, it’s real; it’s

Questions are being asked about the health of the Chinese economy following the recent stock market crash which saw the Shanghai Composite Index decline by over 42 percent from its peak in June, just a couple of months back. The decline has been precipitous and has left millions of small

Entertainment: ’Movies and Clarion Chukwura’To thrill you in the way of the movie screen, fresh from Nollywood are two sizzling movies: ’Everlasting Love’, starring Uche Jumbo and Collins Onwochei, and ’Wrong Justice’, starring famous Mike Uzuruonye. While the first lets you into how a woman’s professed love can be tried

Tourism: ’Lush Congo’I have never seen a volcano erupt. If I did, that would be a lifetime experience! If you’re stout of heart as a tourist, perhaps you would like to visit the active volcanoes of DRC and its great rainforests. Then, there are the gorillas! These can be found

Politics: ’No Room for Rebels’There was a huge sigh of relief by citizens of DRC when Germain Katanga, a rebel leader was sentenced by the International Criminal Court to 12 years in jail for providing arms to an ethnic group that massacred a whole village in 2003. The presiding Judge

His many accomplishments include the International Association of Athletics Foundation’s Rising Star Award in 2002 at the age of 15. The following year, he became the first junior athlete to run under 20 seconds in the 200 metres event at the CARIFTA games in Hamilton, Bermuda.He continued to soar in