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ISLAMABAD:  India and Pakistan have once again claimed that the working boundary separating Indian and Pakistani held Kashmir has seen cease fire violation and while both parties are adamant that the result in firing is due to the other, tensions have escalated immensely between the two countries.The Pakistani army claims

3d Print the Popular Characters of a Number of Games Exclusively on AmazonAmazon has provided a sneaky new trick for the users. With this trick, the user is able to 3D print their favorite characters from several video games as well as customize these characters as much as they want.At the moment, the

Easily Transform Your Smart Phone Device into a 3D Scanner with the Help of the New MobileFusion App from MicrosoftThe technology of three dimensional printing might soon turn out to a lot easier than ever. The latest technology from the Research Lab of Microsoft lets the user to carry out 3D scanning right

STOCKHOLM: Agnes Victoria Hedengård, a 19 year old Swedish model who has been working as a fashion model for the past five years, first posted a video against strange standards of beauty industry in Swedish on her Facebook page over the weekend. Once the video went viral in Sweden, she posted the

VIRGINIA:  Morning broadcast became a scene of a horrific crime scene when news reporter and her cameraman were shot by a disgruntled ex-employee of a local TV station during live broadcast of a morning show. Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of WDBJ-TV were fatally shot during a live

VIRGINIA:  Once the dust settles on the matter and it becomes an ordinary event, some people will still be left to shelter the pain deep down in their hearts – of course by that, I mean people the families of the victims but I also mean those people who are

Its Jamaica Urban Legend here with another report on Jamaica, From a fledgling two-man team that struck gold in 2006, Jamaica have risen to become the most successful country, per capita, at the International Sports Karate Associations United States Open, held annually at the Coronado Resort in Disney, Orlando, Florida.Fueled

21 August.The date which reminds us the horror from the past. The date where every Bengali people got a scar of their own. That humid August afternoon changed Bangladesh politics, perhaps forever.It occurred when, an Awami League rally was in advancement at the Bangabandhu Avenue and it was around 5.15pm

CALIFORNIA:  California has been facing one of the worst droughts in its known history. The lavish state has been starving for rains and a lot of creative thinking is needed to cut down the impact of the drought. While the state has tried its best to manage its resources for

STOCKHOLM: The polls are in and the Swedish Democrats have gained a major increase in their popularity. The Nationalist parties in the region are celebrating, in Denmark, in Norway at the results of the polls but is it a good thing for the country itself?For years, Sweden has been known