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The Hacienda Santa Barbara mall, constructed as an extension of a colonial era "Hacienda", that is a plantation home, is located towards the northern part of the Colombian capital.The mall is popular with the tourists partly due to its unique architecture that gives it an old world charm and the

Developer, Alex Hu, a local Guangzhou boy who made it big in international business, wanted South China Mall to be a hometown monument to his success.In 2005, billionaire Alex Hu Guirong began building the world’s largest shopping mall in Dongguan, China. At seven million square feet, the New South China

The Costanera Centre is a business and commercial zone that includes three skyscrapers that comprises of two luxury hotels and an office building, and the hard to miss 62-storeyed Gran Torre Santiago building. The mall occupies the first six floors of this building.  The centre is located in the Providencia

Abasto Shopping not only houses over 250 shops across its three floors but is also an architectural marvel of its own. The shopping centre, built a few years ago in the area that was once Buenos Aires main market, Abasto houses a number of local retail chains along with international

Barra Shopping, the largest mall in Rio de Janeiro is located in the citys Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood and is conveniently connected to other parts of the town by frequent buses, cabs, etc. Apart from providing a wide range of shopping options, the mall also features a variety of dining

Paris is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Therefore thousands of tourists visit Paris each year. The city is full of shopping malls, department stores and shopping streets.There are several shopping malls where you can spend your entire day there. Each shopping mall has its own uniqueness.

When you think to do shopping in Asian continent, Singapore is the place which comes to your mind at once. Actually Singapore is one of the best shopping places in Asia.Singapore is home to many tourists who love to do shopping. There are lots of things in Singapore for reasonable

Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy. Milan is one of the best shopping places of this New Year. It is a magnet for fashion-buyers and designer labels as fashion is the city’s biggest draw. Its influence not only spreads to Italy, but also to the whole

As a child, going to the market was much more fun for me than it is today. I would tag along as my mother went, always eager to go out and see things. With mother and nice things all around, I was sure to go home with some treat.  With

London is a loveable city where millions of tourists visit each year. Many of them visit London because of its beauty and grandeur. It has several distinct places and shopping streets which have their own identity.Oxford Street can be called as the ‘heart of London shopping’. There are more than