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1. iPhone 7: Brief Intro Typically, people are quite charged up when it comes to a new iPhone, however the current year’s iPhone 7 launch triggered a controversy of the company’s decision to eliminate the head phone jack. Although the latest iPhone-7 might not have the headphone jack, nonetheless Apple

Twitter in Trouble? Analysts are alarmed at the sudden fall of Twitter’s stock over the past 2 weeks. Twitter’s shares have plunged by 27 percent this month. They plunged by 6 percent last Friday when ruled out acquiring Twitter. Twitter investors have been hurting pretty deeply and the fall

The users will now be able to use a few Android watches as spy tools Android wear got a huge update recently which added some much anticipated features – particularly if you’re the owner of a recent model. The good news is; Android Wear is including speaker support which will allow you

iKlips Flash Drive Allows iPhone Users to Add up to 128GB of Additional Storage Space to Their Device The advancements in the modern technological world still encounter a few drawbacks – namely, annoying physical space restrictions on devices like smart phones & tablets. Certainly, cloud storage benefits, however often times, there

uMake app can take 2 Dimensional sketches & transform them as 3 Dimensional models onto your iPad Pro Rendering 3D sketches on your iPad device have never been so easy thanks to a new application called uMake which allows designers to draw 2D images onto an axis in order to render

In a significant development, Alphabet, which is the company the holds Google, has become the most valuable company in the world, having surpassed Apple, which held this position since 2010. Alphabet has released its latest earning report where it stated that it had made a profit of $4.9 billion for

Fly this special drone using the force or an iwatch A group of investigators in Taiwan have been able to transform the Apple Watch in a sensor which could be used for controlling a drone just with the help of hand gestures. A group engineers & technologists worked alongside National Chung

While Pakistani’s celebrate the launch of Netflix in Pakistan, a very important app is being overshadowed. The Fix it initiative was started by Pakistani political activist Alamgir Khan who is a very active activist for Imran Khan’s PTI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The city lights, Karachi is now full of man-holes, roads

The BQ Aquaris E-4.5 (Ubuntu Version) – the world’s very first device powered by Ubuntu, has hit the markets of Europe. It features a 4.5” screen, an 8MP back shooter, & quad core CPU. It is offered at only €169.90 (around $192). Although, the first Ubuntu model were initially supposed to be launched

Bangalore, India 28/7/2014 According to a report released earlier today by the US based HfS Research, Indian software engineers are increasingly becoming a very important factor in Apple\s success. In fact, the report goes on to say that as many as 33% of Apple\s engineers are from India, working at