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Planning vacation trip this winter As winter brings shorter days, colder climate and happy moods for the most of our people. So when children get holidays from their schools parents plan a trip to hilly areas so to enjoy their time. For the easiness of a person many traveling companies

Iraqi Food—the insider View Iraq is located in the heart of Middle East. Divided in four regions including plain, deserted, water area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and mountain area. Iraq has been greatly dictated by the neighboring countries in desert and food traits. Turks and Iran have been

The Great YankariThe Yankari National Park is the premier game reserve in Nigeria. Yankari Park and Wikki Warm Springs are located around the Gagi River, approximately 1 ½ hours by road, south east of Bauchi Town. The beauty and size of The Yankari Game Reserve makes it the most pop­ular

Hello and Welcome, Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on the island of Jamaica. Now Jamaica, like many Caribbean countries rely on tourism as viable tool for revenue. But now there is a new brand of tourism that is coming out, known as “Spiritual Tourism”. Countries like Nepal,

A Choice of InexpensivenessOften, travellers who live on a lean budget want to enjoy the most of their trip, whether for work or for leisure, by saving the most on hotel bills. Getting a bit of classy comfort and an inexpensive place in Nairobi, Kenya may be quite a challenge.

CUBA:Hello, or should I say Hola !! It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with news on Cuba. Now Cuba is a country that is opening up to the world.  Various cities have announced that they will be the ones offering flights to Cuba. After more than two months of sifting

Top 5 Places in Pakistan that tourist love to visitDeciding the location for vacations is a hectic task but if you live in Pakistan then the answer is straight forward and that is Northern Areas. Tourist from all across the world come over to see the natural beauty of Pakistan.

Bangladesh is a beautiful land with rich history and attractive places that is beyond our imagination. It is a small country in South Asia with dense population but the variety of destinations stuns you if you visit there. Unlike other country Bangladesh is not attracted by tourists whereas the tourists

Tourism has always been the fastest growing industry and for a developing country like Pakistan, tourism could be a huge source of income and earnings as our country possesses top-class tourist attraction points ranging from the stunning Himalayan peaks, beautiful lakes, green valleys, rich culture, centuries-old civilizations, huge deserts, golden

That time of year is coming where camera-clad visitors head to the borders of Canada in search of a fun adventure that they can photograph and bring back to their friends and family.  There are many sights to be seen in this large country, all of which are unique and