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Hola, and how are you this Jamaica Urban Legend here with news on Cuba!!Americans are still not permitted to visit Cuba for tourism purposes but that doesn’t mean the island isn drawing the attention of the millennial generation and some baby boomers. Forty-six percent are interested in touring Cuba in

Hello, or should I say Hola !! It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with news on Cuba. Now Cuba is a country that is opening up to the world.  Various cities have announced that they will be the ones offering flights to Cuba. After more than two months of sifting

Some people love pork; some do not. Some religions see pork derived from the pig as unclean meat and the pig an unclean animal. However, pork is loved and eaten by many in metropolitan Douala. 26,000 pigs inspected and slaughtered in 2015 alone with an average of 73 slaughtered daily,

If you live in Nigeria, a health coach: has identified three Nigerian foods that cause weight gain. The coach writes that there is a lot of confusion out there about which Nigerian meals are healthy to eat, and which ones are unhealthy and cause weight gain. He writes: “If

Are you looking for a perfect diet? Well, there is no such thing as the perfect diet. Several studies have shown that there are few best foods that really help you in losing your weight. These key foods work for different reasons in different ways, but all foods have in

The Tepuis: The Venezuela hidden secret. Venezuela has a series of particularities that differentiate between nations of the world, like any other, but the truth is that little we know about one of its biggest treasures, no matter how much the fact how intertwined is the world’s highest water fall,

Australia is a country filled with a myriad of enjoyable activities, majestic sights, locales and great people. There is no shortage of things to occupy yourself with, whether you are on holiday or living in the Land Down Under. The Outdoors Australia is renowned for its magnificent outdoor vistas and

Peoples from various parts of this world are having this craze in expeditions and something very interested in accomplishing of tasks in great range of mountains in our world. Adventurous Hill climbing, trekking to hard mountains and expedition of tasks, these were created some kinds of happiness to the some

Fast food junkies like to hover from one place to a different. In Pakistan, the trend is accentuating as several international fast-food chains are opening owing to potential market. With the exception of the new ones, the most visited restaurants in Pakistan are: McDonalds, KFC, Nandos, Hardees and Subway. The list goes on and on as people have gotten more and more choices to go-for. McDonalds: It is one among the biggest revenue generating fast

St. Petersburg: the northern Venice in its different aspects nowadays St. Petersburg is one of the most famous and well known of Russia. Of course those Moscow, the capital of Russia, but off the debt there’s instantly sent the disport. I’m not trying to say that St. Petersburg is more