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Have you ever visited Myanmar ? Well, a lot of us have. But have any of you visited the country by Train. If you haven’t then it wasn’t really visiting. Despite the myriad complaints for being slow, incompetent, late, poor in service quality and unpredictable bumpy rides, it’s the trains
Palak bowls

A very simple meal to make for the weekend is the Cameroon Fried Spinach. It is not just simple, it is healthy and tasty. The ingredients you will need include: 1 (10 ounce) packaged baby spinach, rinsed 1 cup fresh shiitake mushrooms, stemmed and quartered 1 medium onion, coarsely chopped,

Who would have thought? A temple is located in the country of Thailand appeared to have a lot of penis-shaped sculpture. Temple Chao Mae Tuptim is called or known by the temple penis\. This temple was built in the early 1900\s by Nai Lert, who is a prominent businessman of

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest occasions in modern history. It affects more than 1/6th of the population of the world and sees a mass movement of people like no other. Hundreds of Millions of people travel the length and breadth of China to go back to

My country has rich culture and tradition, as a news reporter I would like to promote my country as a great tourist destination. Numerous heritage sites of ancient history revels the art and literature of my country. From the north to the south there are many sites which are to

Call it a place to relax or a place to do some sight-seeing and you won’t be wrong. When my wife talked about Dominos, it was as if, if you didn’t go there you hadn’t gone anywhere. So we travelled to Port-Harcourt for the Christmas holidays. It was an exhilarating

Azad Jammu Kashmir is the part of Kashmir that is within the Pakistani territory and the Maqbuza Kashmir part still remains within the Indian border while it was to be given to Pakistan long ago when the Sub-Continent was divided into two countries: India and Pakistan. Being a disputed territory,

Hola, and how are you this Jamaica Urban Legend here with news on Cuba!! Americans are still not permitted to visit Cuba for tourism purposes but that doesn’t mean the island isn drawing the attention of the millennial generation and some baby boomers. Forty-six percent are interested in touring Cuba

Waku Ghin is a luxurious restaurant equipped for modern European-Japanese cuisine, with the aim to provide an extraordinary evening experience for the diners. This luxurious restaurant is the Japanese star in Asia that has been well-recognized from time to time with outstanding experiences. Reviews reveal that customers are always happy

The Nature Park Biokovo is an amazing massif of about 30 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide along the Adriatic Sea coast between the villages of Brela and Gradac in the southern Croatia. It  was declared as a nature park in 1981 and has an area of 19 550 hectares.