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PowerRay Power Vision: A drone that utilizes sonar technology for tracking down under-water fish & capture it in 4K The PowerRay Power Vision  is an underwater drone intended to lure the fish in real time. The drone is well-equipped to capture pics & track freshwater, as well as salt water

Underwater Drones 2017 FiFish Atlantis Underwater Drone This drone enables users to capture HD under-water films & send them back in real-time. The max water depth for regular usage of the device is 100M while the battery could last up to 2 hours at full charge. When incorporated with a

Hydrao Smart Showerhead For those who are a bit conservative, this can be an ideal gadget. The Hydrao Smart Showerhead can estimate how much water a person uses while taking a shower, letting them know when they have gone over their given water limit. The Hydrao Smart Showerhead notifies the

A New Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube within 637ms Sub1 Reloaded, a new robot is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube under 637ms – which is considerably less as compared to the quickest human time of around 4.9sec. The robot, created by Infineon, a self-driving chip maker utilizes 6 motors so

Russia Unveils a New Killer Robot Which Can Detect Humans More Than 4 Miles Away & Kill Them in an Instance with a Gun The new device is supposed to be set up at the international border & could be utilized from anything starting from spotting low-flying drones all the

PAKISTAN ARMY The above cited lyric, by a Palestinian artist delineates the genuine internal soul of each nationalist. I learnt this sonnet and at whatever point I present these verses I see a picture of each Pakistani fighter why should prepared bite the dust for this land, in the front

Fashion industry Fashion industry is flourishing day by day now a days because designers are designing dresses according to the demand of normal people. Few years ago people were not aware of brands but now everyone is tuning towards brand and have the knowledge that which brand is renowned and

JAMAICA: Hello folks, it’s Jamaica Urban Legend, here to tell you to never, ever give up on your dreams, regardless of your ages. After all you are never too old. There was no doubt that the stories of Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) students — 59-year-old Raphael Young and

National TabooPakistan is an Islamic country and its culture has been largely influenced by the neighboring country Pakistan. The influence of the neighboring country has affected a lot of cultural activities of the people. The country has a lot of issues that are considered as taboos and they are not

The Elders’ TabooReligious and social taboos are usually borne out of a reverence for the God, ancestry, elders, the mystical or that which is simply internal. In these parts, such taboos encourage respect including shaking hands when greeting elders, looking into the eyes of deity or gods, killing of snakes