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JAMAICA: Hello folks, it’s Jamaica Urban Legend, here to tell you to never, ever give up on your dreams, regardless of your ages. After all you are never too old. There was no doubt that the stories of Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) students — 59-year-old Raphael Young and

National TabooPakistan is an Islamic country and its culture has been largely influenced by the neighboring country Pakistan. The influence of the neighboring country has affected a lot of cultural activities of the people. The country has a lot of issues that are considered as taboos and they are not

The Elders’ TabooReligious and social taboos are usually borne out of a reverence for the God, ancestry, elders, the mystical or that which is simply internal. In these parts, such taboos encourage respect including shaking hands when greeting elders, looking into the eyes of deity or gods, killing of snakes

1. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 1Muse Brain SensorNothing weird currently when it comes to meditation & using meditation applications for enhancing that experience. Although the Muse brain sensor has adequate weird inside it for making it to this list. Basically, you strap the device across your head so that

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a renowned Pakistani humanitarian, social worker and activist was born in Bantva, India. The legendary figure was a big treasure for Pakistan as his dedication to sacrifice for the humanity is unparalleled. He founded Edhi Foundation, one of the largest welfare organizations in Pakistan.The great services of

Pokemon Go Game MakerNintendo is back baby! After so much confusion, after so many struggles, thanks to their brand new app called Pokemon Go they managed to sweep the competition off their feet and make it to the top! After releasing it on the 6th of July within 2 weeks

Pokemon Go HysteriaIt’s everywhere. You love it, you hate it, whatever your feelings may be you have to admit it that the Pokemon Go app has made everybody lose their minds. Some people call these fans mindless zombies that go around stuck in their virtual worlds trying to catch Pikachu

Pokemon Go Game RulesAs the game is spreading from country to country like a virus, one thing becomes clearer and clearer with each passing moment. Pokemon Go is insanely popular. This summer is officially the Pokemon Hunting Summer. This game has become so popular that it literally makes people go

The Tim Hortons StereotypeCanadians are kind, loving, generous, strong, and brave.  But, they do love their coffee.  One of the most frequent jokes made in expense of Canadians is that they love their Tim Hortons.  Theres no question that coffee loving is true, but what about all of the other

The Majestic Mysterious ZumaIf you are looking for a destination for sightseeing or leisure you can feed your eyes on the majestic Zuma rock. It stands tall and majestic bestowing on the landscape the gift of its presence. Like a royal, the other mountains in and around Abuja and Niger