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How Rich is Donald Trump, Really?How rich is Donald Trump? Well, he is very rich, but not as rich as he claims to be. Stock filings from 2012 indicate that Trump is worth $4.2 billion and a bit more in cash. But he has claimed to be worth a lot

Top Spy Gadgets for 2016 – Part 1Tiny Spy PenIf you wish to spy, then youll want to gather evidence & there is hardly any superior tool for this than this pen camera. Although it may appear similar to a typical ink spiller, however it actually features a 2.8 mm

A Perfect Spy Gadget: Snake CamThe Snake Cam features an ultra-flexible cam arm that bends in such a way as to allow you to see around corners, over walls, or wherever you wish.All you need to do is hit the Activation key, project the device & you’ll instantly start receiving

Boompi allows girls have contacts spy on their chats while on a dateBoompi, one of the latest entrants in the Android and Apple store allows girls add their friends to private chat with possible dates so that they can offer some advice or simply enjoy the romance being unfolded in

The New Sensor-1 from MetaSensor Can Act as Your New Spy ToolLosing things sucks. Having a particular thing stolen can be further worse. However, technology can assist you & that is just what this new device called Sensor-1 is designed to do.It’s similar to a Bluetooth key finder literally on steroids. All you

The users will now be able to use a few Android watches as spy toolsAndroid wear got a huge update recently which added some much anticipated features – particularly if you’re the owner of a recent model.The good news is; Android Wear is including speaker support which will allow you to spy

Vacation cruises are one of the best ways for one to spend a lovely vacation away from home. It’s like a little city that is floating in the oceans, with attractions like swimming pools, theatres, restaurants, art galleries, gyms and so much more, cruise ships are definitely one of the

Xiaomi Likely to Unveil Their Very First Drone in the Next Few DaysChinese smart phone manufacturing firm Xiaomi is expectedly entering into the drone industry & a fresh teaser inside their forums suggest we may hear further details on 25th of May.Even though the posters for this are in Chinese, still we

Levi’s to Ship Google’s Jacquar-D-Smart Jacket in 2017At the previous year’s Google IO event, Levi’s & Google announced a new project Jacquard so as to design a ‘smart fabric’ which can connect any clothing article to the web.Recently, they’ve announced the smart jacket may soon be made available to the public.This smart jacket appears

Android Play All Set to Finally Roll Out in the United KingdomIt was initially launched during the month of Sep in the United States. Back during March, the Big G stated that the UK variant of the application would support a number of banks, which also includes First Direct, HSBC,