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The New ‘Chirp’ assistant from Google Called ‘Home’ Likely to Roll Out During FallIn case you weren’t sure of the company’s plans to launch an Amazon Echo rival, one of the latest report might help you feel slightly confident about what could happen at Google I/O in the next few

Twitter to Launch a Dedicated ‘Periscope’ Key for Android to Initiate LivestreamsTwitter in Android devices is starting to get similar to Periscope. A few users are noticing a dedicated key in order to begin live broadcasts that can fit well with the streams that play in the user’s timeline.It is

Nintendo Likely to Get into the Film IndustryDespite the fact that the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ film that came in 1993 wasn’t successful, nevertheless that does not mean that the characters from Nintendo cannot create a fun flick.CEO of the company, Tatsumi Kimishima stated to the Japanese newspaper “Asahi-Shimbun” they’ll produce

There have been numerous inventions in 21st century that have proven to be extremely useful for the people. Google’s Driverless is an example of the useful inventions that Google has been providing to the world. This is the time when the world is going to evolve into a new technological

The world is full of medical phenomenon; these phenomenons never fail to amuse or astonish the people. It makes us wonder, how vast is this is utterly complex system that we call the human body? The human body and the human anatomy have proved time to time that no matter

The Self-Driving Cars from Google Likely to Get a Shot at the Desert in PhoenixPost a number of trials through the Mountain View, Kirkland & Austin, the company has stated they’ll start examining their autonomous cars in the deserted Phoenix, Arizona.The self-driving vehicles from Google have traveled around 1.5M miles

Tesla Soon to Add Option for 75 kilo Watt-h Battery to their Model-STesla is likely to add a fresh 75kilo Watt-h battery alternative to their Model-S sedan. This new battery can offer 259-miles range that was originally at 240-miles that’ll still be offered. The bigger 90kilo Watt-h battery can boast

Tesla Motors Inc. to Put Pedal to Its Metal, 500k Vehicles Planned During 2018Tesla Motors recently stated that they were stepping up manufacturing strategies for their upcoming mass market sedan (Model-3) & are hoping to make almost 500,000 all electric motors during the year 2018, 2 years before schedule.In spite

Arnold Schwarzenegger: His motivational speeches and rules for successIf you know Schwarzenegger, you know obviously that he’s a very successful man, who doesn’t even need to work for one other day in his life anymore. Still, he is actively in many areas of public life, for example bodybuilding (his specialty

Hyperloop All Set to Transform the Transportation Sector at the Speed of a Supersonic JetAlthough it might seem like a science fiction movie, nevertheless Hyperloop is a high speed cargo & passenger shuttle theory which is all set to revolutionize the transport sector.Hyperloop is a theoretical high-speed transport structure that