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The Next Attempt to Land a Rocket Unlikely to Be Effective According to SpaceXDespite the fact that SpaceX has previously shown their ability to refurbish a rocket, however they think their upcoming shot to land Falcon-9 at the sea might end up in failure.The private space firm of Elon Musk would

The White House Correspondence Association dinner, which is an annual event held at the White House was really special this time and saw President Barack Obama at his comedic best.This was the President’s last White House Correspondence and he was in his elements. He was funny, charming and completely at

The list of Britain’s richest people is out! Real estate developers, David Reuben and Simon Reuben, both brothers, have been declared as the richest men in Britain, with a net worth of £13.1bn, up £3.4bn from last year. The two men have sizeable interests in real estate and several internet assets

LinkedIn Launches a New Application That Helps Students Identify their Career Fields as well as Find MentorsLinkedIn has already strengthened its place as the go to social media site for working professionals. Now they are aiming at younger generation using a new app for students.Coming to iOS & android, LinkedIn

DARPA launches a strange 24 motor droneThe DARPA also known as the defence advanced research Project agency has just unveiled their one fifth scale model of lightning strike air-craft for the very first time.Created by Aurora flight science Department, the subscale lightning strike is operated by 24 fans in order

Now Enjoy 360° Live Stream Video on YouTubeThe users will now be able to enjoy 360° live streaming video the biggest video site on the web.Also, there will be a spatial audio support for 360° video, however Google is solely making the feature available for on demand 360° video and

Instagram’s latest update shows Facebook is truly obsessed with videosInstagram unveiled it latest EXPLORE appearance, the attribute which allows the user to explore content from other creators. Within, you will see plenty of emphasis on video stations that allow user to discover videos on specific subjects.At the beginning, you’ll encounter

See how 3D Touch might possibly end-up functioning on the Android-NIn the most recent Android N Programmer Preview, there is the code which alludes to  3-D Touch-like characteristic launching on the Android devices. A programmer has tricked the feature, giving the users preview of what Google might be considering.Since there

The Seat 360 from Rukku allows the users to preview their seat in the VR before purchasing the ticket of any eventWhen you’re running in order to get vouchersfor highly expected occasions such as the concert of Adele or Beyoncé, the place where you’re sitting could be secondary for having

In old times people used to travel from one place to another by foot to nearby places. For travelling to faraway places people find ways like camels, donkeys and horses etc. to travel. Mode of transportation changed with the time and people started thinking to find easiest ways of transportation