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Everything You Need to Know about Wikipedias New iPhone AppWikipedia may perhaps be among the best source on the web containing numerous facts which most individuals using it hardly ever encounter. Lately, in their blog post, Wikipedia states they have a newly redesigned version of app for Apple devices that will make

iKlips Flash Drive Allows iPhone Users to Add up to 128GB ofAdditional Storage Space to Their DeviceThe advancements in the modern technological world still encounter a few drawbacks – namely, annoying physical space restrictions on devices like smart phones & tablets. Certainly, cloud storage benefits, however often times, there is hardly

Tovala Smart Oven: For Those Who Hate CookingA new kitchen appliance named Tovala can turn out to be a less expensive alternative to other professional combination ovens in the market presently. The appliance can cook, steam, broil, microwave, as well as toast foods in ten to thirty minutes.The company behind this

Solverboard: A Platform that Allows You to Solve Real Life CrisesSolverboard might well be the World’s First Open Innovation System to offer anybody the opportunity to crack real life business tasks to earn money.Whilst most sharing economy systems connect with sellers & buyers covering more real-world jobs, Solverboard wishes to assist firms solve

Google Soon to Add Plenty of Exciting Features for Users as well as Game DevelopersLately at the GDC (Game developers Conference), the company announced some new features which’ll enable developers to earn more revenue, understand more about the users as well as stand-out in the huge Google Play-Store market.Indie CornerThis

India is a country often called as subcontinent because of numerous geographical features and has unique features in land in which many countries don’t have. Many of them call India as a sub continent because it has various religions which are the main reason brings diversity among the people. Each

Instagram to Dump Chronological Order Soon Essentially, the photo application will now act a bit more similar to its parent firm Facebook and organize the user’s feed based upon a program which determines what’s most applicable to you, rather than simply the most recent actions:According to Instagram, this new change is as

We live in a country which is blessed with many resources, beautiful valleys, running rivers and many seasons. Pakistan is in those countries that enjoy many seasons in different time periods like hot summer, windy and cloudy autumns, icy winters and beautiful spring season.In spring season not only flowers are

Yes it is true! Anyone can rise from nothing to something; from obscurity to the lime light. Nothing says this better than the story of Olajumoke.From hawking bread on the streets of Lagos, to bombing a photo shoots with International star, Tinie Tempah, Nigerian model Olajumoke Orisaguna, seems to be

In 2015, Pakistan was the 10th largest arms importer in the world, down one spot as compared to the previous year 2014. Saudi Arabia is at the 1st number in the list of top 10 largest arms importer. Saudi Arabia is closely followed by India because India is at the