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Marriage is contract between a man and women. It is an event that is very important in one’s life. In Pakistan it is an important event in not only for the bride and the groom but it important for the whole family as it is celebrated on a vast scale.

Experience What It is Like When You Fly on Board the Gadget While Racing and Soaring Across the BuildingsIf you fancy seeing thru a drone’s eyes as it contests across the track at great speeds, then you would want to inside the world full of FPV Drone races.The cameras fixed

Sony Launches USB Flash Drives that Feature Both Type A as well as Type C ConnectorsFor those who’re looking to get a new flash drive for their USB Type C armed desktop, tab or laptop, the latest offering from Sony may be a good choice.The company has unveiled USB flash drives in

Microsoft Looking to Acquire Web Developers Through Their Edge BrowserThe latest browser from Microsoft which includes Windows 10 can be great onto the surface. It is stable, fast, & also comes with a slick new appearance.But the fact is, web developers hardly care about these things. The only thing they care

Users Can Now Pair their Ecobee 3 & Echo Thermostat in order to Get Godlike Climate ControlFor those who’ve Ecobee 3 & Amazon Echo linked thermostat, you can now yell stuff such as 98-degrees without receiving a poor 90’s boyband as an answer.The Ecobee 3 which is proced at $249 at

Sticker Characters Are Being Brought Back to Life in Smartphone Games by VibeIn addition to video calls, voice and messaging, Viber is beginning to add games to their mobile application along with social features which let the users to link with their connections over puzzles & adventures.The 3 titles are likely to

Elon Musk is one of the biggest names in the industry today, but while many people know him as the CEO and rocket designer of SpaceX, one of the most popular space travelling agencies, few know that he is one of the three co-founders of Pay Pal, an online payment

What are Earth Quakes?Earth Quake occurs when Energy increases suddenly in Earth’s Crust. The earth shakes due to release of Seismic Waves. Earthquakes are measured and analyzed according to their type, frequency and duration.  To observe or measure an earthquake Seismometer is used. If the magnitude of earthquake is 3

Every Blogger wants to earn more money from his website or blog. But earning more money depends on how highly ranked your blog or website is. Getting high ranking in Google or in any other search engine is not easy as it seems. Getting high page rank in search engines

Have you ever wondered why people choose to have multiple relationships? Sometimes for such people, the embrace of one person is just not sufficient. Multiple partners, multiple relationships just keep them going. It’s up for debate.For instance, it was reported that a popular actor, Solomon Akiyesi allegedly wanted to marry