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In a Special WorldMy name is Alexander Burns, I have lived in a little corner of Australia called Maryborough for most of my life. During these years, I have experienced innumerable oddities, anachronisms and inspiring happenings. I have travelled around the world for professional and personal reasons, whether I am

Google is a part of our day to day life. I mean, let’s face it. Where would we be without Google?  And as we know how many users there are  it’s a safe bet that every single person who will read this article either regularly uses Google search or at

This drone is capable of flying through the air as well as under the waterNaviator, a drone developed by a team of students & researchers at the University of Rutgers can both fly as well as swim.The drone can transform itself from underwater to flight mode effortlessly.The Headquarters of Naval Research

uMake app can take 2 Dimensional sketches & transform them as 3 Dimensional models onto your iPad ProRendering 3D sketches on your iPad device have never been so easy thanks to a new application called uMake which allows designers to draw 2D images onto an axis in order to render 3D

The time is way past midnight. Everything seems calm. Its the middle of September, 1971. The location is Shonir Char(islet), an inconspicuous fictional village under Barisal District, Sector 9 of independent Bangladesh. But Shonir Char is of great strategic importance to both the nefarious Pakistani Army, who are currently occupying

1. Google Cardboard (£10)Using the Google cardboard, you can use your smartphone like a computer simulated gadget. This is a great experience especially if you have never handled a suitable VR headset prior to this. Also, it can offer a lot of fun at an inexpensive price for everybody on the

Christmas RadioUsing the Christmas Radio app, you can enjoy listening to Christmas songs till your heart is contented. This android app provides you access to more than 40 radio stations from different parts of the world playing only festive songs. Also, you can find a special station that broadcasts their shows from

1. Fire, 7Inch Display, with Wi-Fi (8 GB Version): £49.99This can be an excellent gadget to offer your kids this Christmas.It features a very powerful processor along with free unlimited storage on Cloud. If you’re a prime member on Amazon, then you could also stream numerous books, video, songs using

Christmas Facts [Free]Christmas Facts is a perfect android Christmas app for learning quirky Christmas facts which will amaze you and help you increase your knowledge at the same time.Christmas HD [$1.99]With the Christmas HD app for android, you can easily customize your personal realistic 3 Dimensional wallpapers: place your personal

Christmas!! [Free]If you want to have everything included in a single application, then look no further than Christmas app. It is packed with an advent calendar, a gift list, countdown timer, sings, jokes, songs, wallpapers, games, etc.Appy Christmas [Free]This app allows the user to communicate with Santa, listen to him