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Changing cultural habits, in Bangladesh!

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Habits are the act which we love to repeat, whether good or bad. Though, it is always advised to change bad ones: but we still love repeating them despite the fact it might annoy others. There are various types of habits like sleeping habits, eating habits, morning habits, caffeine habits, and smoking habits. But habits vary from person to person! However, at times, it might vary from place to place due to the shift of cultural change amongst the civilians of that place. One such example would be the food habits in Bangladesh which have changed dramatically in the last few years.

The people of Bangladesh are very much ‘foodie’ i.e. they are fond of food very much, no matter how obese they are. There is no limitation in terms of food. In earlier times, when it dated back to say, twenty to thirty years before, if you are slim, it was believed that you are having some sort of disease despite the fact you weigh perfectly well. There was a misconception which till now many senior citizens believe that the fatter you are, the healthier you are. Later it have been educated in schools about diet, plus advised by doctors as well, and all and now the majority follow it: but yet now one out of ten families in Bangladesh yet has this misconception.

Parents did control the food habits on kids these days: but the concept of being foodie hasn’t changed! And that is how the legacy continued. But as you enter in teens or become an adult, you start taking foods you loved. People of Bangladesh love junk food. It is a popular food amongst youngsters and new food shops are opening each month, making it a very competitive market to survive in Dhaka. But with changing food habits in Bangladesh, the business ideology have been targeting youngsters  as they tend to visit food shop more than adult and have shifted from the concept of starting restaurants to cafes or desert shops, charging premium rates. However, it this shift was done twenty years ago, food shops would have died because at that time the idea was you go to have food outside once in while with families but now people visit with friends often. As for the seniors of any part of the country, food habits are same: as they believe food shops doesn’t go with their age!

But there are many parts of Bangladesh which still relies on traditional food rather than international ones, where food habits haven’t changed that much. Those are the untapped markets of Bangladesh, which are soon to be tapped and very soon, the whole Bangladesh would experience this change within the next ten years!

Reporther: Momota – Bangladesh

source foto: pinterest


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