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Child abductions have become a serious problem in Pakistan!

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Kids are the assert of our country and if they are not secure mentally and physically so our future is also not safe. Kidnapping is an unlawful transportation of a person without his consent.

In our country kidnapping is becoming common day by day and every year millions of people and children’s are being kidnapped from their houses, schools and workplaces.

In Pakistan and in many other countries, many children’s are being kidnapped due to many reasons
Separation of their parents

Early marriages

Leaving their children’s unattended

Separation of their parents:

According to the survey done in Pakistan and USA we come to the point that due to the separation of the parents, children’s get mentally upset and roam here and there in the street and due to which they become the victim of kidnapping.


Early marriages:

Early marriage is also the source of kidnapping, as many girls in rural areas are married to the men’s who are 20 to 30 years bigger from them and after marriage, they take them to their houses where they sell them or make them a source of income.

Leaving their children’s unattended:

The main reason of kidnapping is that you leave your children unattended or leave them alone with the maid due to which they are being kidnapped from their house, as many working mothers face this problem and are the foremost victim of this crime.

Kidnapping should be stopped or restricted so as to have a safe future, if this crime is not restricted then it can spoil the name of our country.

In Karachi many children’s are being kidnapped every day due to which parents have a fear of losing their children’s and in result their education is also affected because many parents stop their children’s from sending them to school and colleges.

After reading this above article I want to ask a few question from the readers that

Do you think kidnapping is a crime?

Do you think it is increasing day by day?

What is the reason of kidnapping?

According to my point of view kidnapping is a severe crime and is affecting the mind of people and children’s. After kidnapping many children’s are sexually abused due to which they cannot gain their confidence again in their life.


Coming to the conclusion of this topic kids are very sensitive and can be affected by their environment so parents should take care of them and they should not be left unattended, and if parents want to end up their relationship they should first think about their children’s and how their separation will effect on the mind of their child and then take any step. Kidnapping has a long term effect on the minds of children’s and parents and the feeling of loss can make them fearful and less confident.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcephoto: dailymail


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