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Civil servants working only two days a week!

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As if it were a mandatory vacation, the government of Venezuela has decreed that the workweek of public employees in the country will be reduced to only two days a week, specifically on Mondays and Tuesdays. In addition, all schools, except for universities, will not work on Fridays.

This measure is a respond to the strong electricity crisis in the country, and to prevent that the level of the dam of El Guri continue to fall, El Guri is the main hydroelectric plant that produces 70% of the energy consumed in the country.

The energy crisis in the country adds to the series of calamities that must face Venezuela at this time, the lack of medicine, food and violence keep the nation on tenterhooks.

The reasons:

Since the beginning of the year the government has been explaining to the community what are the ravages in a country whose electricity generation depends on hydroelectric almost exclusively, and the trouble they get now because of the severe drought caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

Although this is not the first time that Venezuela enters a crisis of power generation for the same reasons, as happened in 2010, this time is stronger, and the government did not create new sources of energy that do not depend water, knowing that the phenomenon of child continue to occur.

Other measures:

In addition to cutting almost entirely the workweek, the government also adopted other measures to save energy, including scheduled electricity outages to different sectors.

These cuts are made in blocks established by area and time, and have an extension of four hours each block, although in most cases these are extended, apply in all states of the country except for the capital district, being the seat of the government.

All this adds to the measures previously taken by the government at the beginning of the crisis that fail to overcome. Public sector workers work part-time for several weeks, that is, at most, working one day a week, divided into two half days between Monday and Tuesday.

Venezuela is now a virtually stopped state in many services, although the government maintains the normal work of health centers and surveillance, even though in many places within the country, especially in small towns, hospitals are suffering electric cuts that the government does not talk about publicly.


The scheduled cuts are made in four time blocks, one of them extending between twelve midnight and four oclock in the morning. Given that Venezuela is near the Ecuador and the heat is present almost all year in most of its cities, it is clear how difficult it is for people to being able to get some proper sleep.

In cities like Maracaibo, in the state of Zulia, the second most important city of the country, there have been numerous protests against the power outages that have degenerated into chaos, looting and clashes between protesters and security forces.

Author: Antor Jose – Venezuela

sourcephoto: nbcnews


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