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Hackers and confidential documents!

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The past week, online hackers held desktops of Sony Pictures staff to ransom threatening that if they did not fulfil their wants they will release secret files online.

Sadly for Sony, there’s a possibility that the hackers might have released a portion of the “10 TB” of info they acquired from the company’s servers.

In one link which was posted onto the sharing websites on Dec 2, a few of the docs mentioned in the early attack past week looks to have been leaked, which includes a worksheet with salaries details for the firm’s top executives. On Dec 1, full rips of movies which are yet to release also leaked on the torrent websites.

The files appear to include detailed private info about the firm’s other economical records, along with workers papers, likes employees addresses, etc.

A directory of the complete file dump which the hackers leaked past week specified future releases may also have private keys & passwords in order to access the servers, the economic records for movies and similar info.

Recode states that the company is looking towards North Korea while investigating the attack & still is finding it difficult to get back over the internet.

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