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Custom 3D printed figures

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3d Print the Popular Characters of a Number of Games Exclusively on Amazon

Amazon has provided a sneaky new trick for the users. With this trick, the user is able to 3D print their favorite characters from several video games as well as customize these characters as much as they want.

At the moment, the website allows the users to interactively modify thirty five characters from Primal Carnage, Infinity Blade & Smite. After you are finished with customizing your favorite game character, you can request to print it on Amazon. Once your order is ready, the final product will be delivered straight to your house.

The process of customization is carried inside the Sandboxr’s device. This lets the user to network with the 360 degree action figure. The user is able to customize almost anything starting from the weapon which the character holds all the way to its standing style.

Talking of the price for this service, it begins at around $29.99 if you want to have smaller action figures whereas the larger models is likely to cost you up-to $89.99.

Author: Kapil

Source foto:  3ders.org



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