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Dispozitive pentru jocuri video

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Most Popular Games Gadgets Available in the Market at the Moment: Part 2

G-27 Racing Wheel from Logitech

Racers will go nuts for this game gadget. See what the G-27 racing wheel features: a twin motor force feedback for making the user feel traction loss, shifting of weights, a 6 speed shifter, powerful steel pedals that allows exact throttling, gear shifting, brakes along with a steering wheel which goes 900 degrees, i.e. around two and a half times from one lock the other.

Razer Nostromo

This is an ergonomically built eight-way directional gamepad featuring sixteen Hyperesponsive and programmable keys offering the gamer a better control over their games. It comes with a soft-touch rubber wrist pad that offers further comfort.

T Flight Hotas-X Flightstick: Thrustmaster

5 axles along with 12 buttons all entirely programmable, featuring an exclusive key for “Mapping”, allowing you to change function from 1 part to other rapidly. For better user experience, the gamer will be able to program the resistance of the mobility towards the joystick as well.

M.M.O.7. from Cyborg

If you’re searching for a tough gaming mouse, there is no better choice than the M.M.O.7. from Cyborg. It has various programs for shifting the modes, game commands along with a 5D key for instant access to the directions with the thumb. Also, you’ll find different back lights for the keys.

Author: Kapil

source foto:  pinterest



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