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Donald Trump and CNN interview

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Donald Trump is the man making all the news in the United States. Talking about Trump has become an obsession for the US media. Trump represents at least 25 percent of the news coverage, whether it’s his hair, his wealth, his outrageous statement or his much younger wife, Donald Trump is all that America talks about.

Trump gave an important interview to CNN last Wednesday, and here we bring excerpts from the interview. As you might expect, Trump makes highly controversial comments, but he is never boring, which is something you could accuse his opponents of, especially Jeb Bush.

Trump on the Hillary Clinton email scandal

“I think that Hillarys going to have a hard time being in the election based on whats going on with the emails, the servers, maybe even the speeches. I think its going to be a very hard thing for her to overcome.”

“It certainly looks like it was high-level information. Its always skirting the edge. Whats the purpose of it? … What is she doing, why is she doing it?”

“I don think Im the only one. The FBIs involved, they only do criminal. Now maybe its somebody on her staff. But look, its ether criminal or incompetent, its one or another … either gross incompetence or criminal, and neithers acceptable to be president.”

Trump on Immigration

“You know, this country is so politically correct. Nobody wants to take a stance on anything. Now they like to use the word undocumented because its more political — I don use that word. They e illegal immigrants. They came over illegally. Some are wonderful people, and theyve been here for a while. Theyve got to go out. Theyve got to leave.”

“These people — the really good ones, and we have some great ones — we e going to try and expedite so they can come back. But they e going to come back legally.”

“You have people on the border and in one day they walk over, have a baby. And now all of a sudden we e supposed to pay the baby … medical, Social Security.”

Trump on His Wife

“My wife said something very interesting. Shes my pollster, OK? She said, You know if you actually announce you e going to win. I said, I don know that. But the response has been pretty amazing.”

“She actually agrees with me because she went through a long process to become a citizen. She thinks its a wonderful process to go through. And when she got it, she was very proud of it.”

Trump on his daughter, Ivanka and other children:

“She could be president — shed be great. She will be fantastic. My boys will be fantastic. … They wanna be out there. They believe in what Im saying.”

Trump on Jeb Bush

“When I watch Jeb Bush a week ago not wanting to fund the womens health issues … I thought it was terrible. Im not sure we need half a billion dollars for womens health issues”

“They said, you know, The one thing you should do is talk a little bit about womens health issues, because you e so good on it. You know about it. And you cherish women. You want to protect women. … I will protect women more than anybody.”

“Hes a very low energy person, Jeb Bush. Hes got very low energy, which is okay. Its good, if you want (to) lead a long life. But hes a low energy person.”

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

Source foto: redstate


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