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Donald Trump would say nonsense!

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Donald Trump Makes Statements Crazy, Again!

Donald Trump has done it again! Made to deflect attention from crazy statements other crazy statements. This time Trump Said That the US presidential election rigged WAS and WAS That His rival Hillary Clinton a “devil”.

Trump has been subjected to a lot of criticism GMT His comments on the Parents of the Muslim American soldier Who Was Killed in Iraq. The father of the 27-year old soldier, army Captain Humayun Khan, WAS very critical of Trump When speaking at the Convention democratically.

Khan had Khizra Said, “Have you read Even the United States constitution? Have you ever been to Arlington cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots Who Died Defending America – Will see you all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one. ”

Khan had implored Republicans to repudiate Trump. He Said, “If your candidate wins, and He governs the way He has campaigned, my country, this country, have constitutional Crises Will That [have] never Before [Happened] in the history of the country.”

“There Comes a time in the history of the nation year the when ethical, moral stand has to be Taken, Regardless of the political response. The only reason THEY’re not repudiating His behavior, His threat to our democracy, our Decency, our foundation is Just Because of political ensuing consequences. ”

Trump sought to brush aside the speech Khizra Khan saying “Was, you know, very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me.” He added, “If you look at His wife, SHE WAS Standing There. She had nothing to say. She probably – maybe hes allowed to have wasn Anything to say. You tell me. “Trump Also Said That He had made a lot of sacrifices for His country by paying taxes.

A number of senior Politicians from John McCain to Barack Obama have been critical of Trump. The Veterans of Foreign Wars have criticized Trump as well.

Trump has decided the best course of defense is attack and made more controversial comments. He Said in the rally, “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest.”

Also He spoke on Fox News and Said the same thing: “November 8th, we’D Better Be careful, Because That election is going to be rigged. And I hope the Republicans is watching closely or it’s going to be Taken away from us. ”

Roger Stone, a Trump Loyalist Said, “I think we have Widespread voter fraud, but the first thing that Trump Needs to do is begin talking about it constantly.”

He added, “He Needs to say for example, today Would Be a perfect example: ‘I am leading in Florida. The polls all show it. If I lose Florida, we know that Will There’s voter fraud. There’s voter fraud if, this election illegitimate Will Be, the winner of the election illegitimate Will Be, Will we have a constitutional crisis, Widespread civil disobedience, and the government Will no Longer Be the government. ”

Stone Said There Would Be a Bloodbath On The Streets if the Democrats stole the election.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

sourcephoto: bbc


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