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Donald Trump’s sexual abuse!

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Donald Trump’s sexual transgressions: Is it the end of Trump phenomenon?

STAFF REPORT: For a very long time, Donald Trump has converted everything into gold that he has touched. The fortune 500 businessman has developed a great estate and become the apple of the business community. Before he started his political dominance, he well and truly explored almost all the possible realms of the business and entertainment world.

Not many will remember but he took an active part in his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and even came to the ring with his billionaire friend Vince MacMahon. The two formed a very interesting dual in WWE labeled as “Battle of the Billionaires” where the loser was supposed to be shaved by the other opponent. Needless to say, Trump came out trumps and Vince had to get publically shaven by him.

Ever since he has been in politics, not all has gone his way. His campaign four years ago was seen as a joke – a parody of sorts – but this term, it has become a reality. It all started as something that no one thought will get this far but it has and people are left shaking their head. For the Americans, the choice seems to be tricky — they either select Hillary Clinton who has been involved in plenty of shady deals of her own, or Donald Trump who seems to land himself into scandals after scandals.

His recent scandal where a video has been leaked of his behavior towards women has created shockwaves and ripples across the Atlantic. The matter has been well and truly created a global controversy which has brought into limelight how women are treated in today’s world. The allegations continue to increase, as of now 9 women have come upfront and alleged Trump of unwanted sexual behavior and aggression.

Trump has been defiant all this while and continues to remain so. His policy of attacking wherever possible resonates with his fan base as they see him as someone who isn’t a politician and someone who continues to talk to the people openly. That said, the allegations have reached such a level that it’s hard to defend him no matter how staunch a supporter you call yourself.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the point where the whole world is seeing how inept some of our politicians can be. The amount of slack and checkered past that these two have throws many more questions into the ring. It may be too early to say but it seems that Donald Trump’s political career may not recover from this. If it does, it would be pretty apt like WWE style that he’ll come out with an electric shaver and wish to shave the hair of all those who thought he wouldn’t be able to do it.

It’s Trump we are talking about – and he lives the Hollywood lifestyle.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia



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