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Drona controlata prin miscarile mainii?

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Fly this special drone using the force or an iwatch

A group of investigators in Taiwan have been able to transform the Apple Watch in a sensor which could be used for controlling a drone just with the help of hand gestures.

A group engineers & technologists worked alongside National Chung H-sing University for developing a special programming language which they named as Dong, which could be employed for turning your smartwatch into a remote control.

Here, the software, set up on the Apple Watch, utilizes an algorithm for detecting movement inside the arm of the user, that’s then decoded into changes within the pitch & tilt of the drone device.

According to the team, the device can be produced to work on virtually all the wearables featuring gyroscopes & similar movement sensors.

The Dong programming language could be utilized for additional purposes which includes switching light on & off as well, according to Ven.

At the moment, the team is proceeding towards applying a patent for the Dong program. In the interim, you will need to wait for at least some time before you start playing with it.

Author: Kapil

source photo: pinterest


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